Friday, November 27, 2009

A Miracle?

I'm so shaken I can barely type.
If you're on Twitter you may have read this morning that I am never taking my 2 year shopping ever again, until she is at least 10.
After dropping my boy off at kindy, my 2 year old and I went to the local shopping centre.  We got there at 8:25am and Target doesn't open until 8:30am.  So I took her to the book shop to browse for a couple of minutes...bad idea.  She saw the Princess and Dora books and off she went on a full blown tantrum.  Target opened so I took her in but as she refused to settle I just grabbed her out of the trolley and made for the car.  No dress shopping, no groceries done, what a waste of time!

My husband has just arrived home from work.  Some of you may already know that he is a policeman here in town.  So, so sad...a 16 year old boy was murdered in that very car park at 9:15am by another, unknown to him, mentally ill 16 year old boy.
I'm feeling physically sick, shaking and totally distraught.
I also feel like I was saved from being anywhere near the incident by a miracle.  Her tantrum seems heaven sent now.


  1. Oh my GOSH! that post has sent shivers up my spine!!!! xxxxx

  2. Oh my God! You're so right. You being a good Mum ... following through when kiddie has a tantie... has possibly saved you and yours. I can imagine how shaken you are, and feel awful for all the families involved. But glad you and the tantie girl are okay x

  3. Praises to the king! God works in such amazing ways. A just had to get you and her out of there.xx

  4. I completely missed this on Twitter this morn. How awful. A very, very stressful day for you and Hubby. Not to mention the poor families of the two boys.

    If you can manage it, a nice, long bath. A glass of wine. Something to help you relax.

    Thinking of you. xx

  5. Oh Thea. I missed that earlier as well. You poor thing. And as I read it, my own 2 yo (who *was* irritating me but who I am now appreciating again) said 'I love you Mum' out of the blue. Bless the two year olds.

    Like your other posters, I feel terrible for both families and your husband and his colleagues too.

  6. I picked up the threads of this on twitter tonight. How awful for everyone involved. I'm with jodie, a relaxing glass xxx


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