Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I never, ever make New Year's Resolutions for one reason...I never, ever keep them!  So what's the point, really?

But being such a lover of lists, and a new blogger, and the Queen of the Blist (blog list), I feel compelled to do it this year.  So here goes...

In 2010 I resolve to:-

1.  Eat less

2.  Drink less (alcohol that is)

3.  Tweet less

4.  Exercise more

5.  Yell at my children less

6.  Be more patient

7.  Watch less TV

8.  Get more sleep

9.  Be more sociable

10.  Do more housework

So that's the standard, traditional type list...

Now, here's the one with resolutions I can really keep!

1.  Eat more

2.  Drink more (alcohol that is)

3.  Tweet more

4.  Exercise less (if that's possible)

5.  Yell at the children more (they'll probably deserve it)

6.  Be crankier

7.  Watch more TV

8.  Sleep less

9.  Become a hermit

10.  Do the housework whenever I feel like it or whenever it's so dirty I can't stand it anymore, whichever comes first.

OK, that's the silly one...

Now, here's the real deal!!

1.  Get to the top of the mountain that beat me this year.

2.  Help in my son's classroom at least once a week.

3.  Get back into crafty things, especially sewing.

4.  Look into doing some relief teaching, and maybe actually do some.

5.  Lose 5kgs (fingers very tightly crossed for this one).

6.  Read more.

7.  Get glasses so I can see, to be able to read more!

8.  Go on a family holiday.

9.  Go on at least two dates with my husband (child free of course).

10.  Have at least one child free, overnight date.

I should be able to manage most of those I think!
Wish me luck and come back this time next year to see how I went.

Now I challenge you to do the same...who's up for it?


  1. Great lists! Good luck, especially with the child free dates... they really are lovely!

  2. What an awesome list!

    I can help you with #3 by sending you a whole bunch of stuff I need sewed! I'd also be happy to babysit anytime you want so you can have those child free dates. As you know I've only dropped a kid on their head once. I can be trusted! Hahaha.

  3. Perfect - realistic and achieveable. I did a 32 things to do before I am 32 which I'm counting as my new years list :) (in sidebar of blog if you are really interested). I love yours though - all of them :)

  4. Kids are welcome to sleep here to help you with the overnighter.
    Is A going into kindy? How will you work and help in the class room with her?

  5. Good work. I'm going to put one together soon I think. Many of what you've listed will be included! But I must warn you....I go for the really big issues. Like the year I resolved to purchase myself more fancy underwear. And I did.

    Like I said - BIG issues.

  6. I can't wait to write my list now... thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love that middle list. I'm with you on that one!

    Happy New Year.


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