Thursday, February 11, 2010

It Is That Close

You know those phases with little kids that are really difficult, painful or annoying but that don't last forever?
I'm talking about middle of the night feeds, 'toilet training', tantrums...
Well I'm in the middle of one right now!
The phase that's giving me grief at the moment is getting the five year old boy to school with a two year old.  It should be an easy task considering we only live 100 metres from the school as the crow flies.  But as we are not crows (and it would be a bit rude to traipse through the back neighbour's yard every day), we have to walk about 300 metres.  Again, this should easy.  Who can't walk 300 metres?  I'll tell you who, my two year old.  Oh yes, she can walk 300 metres easily at say, the shopping centre.  But this is our 300 metres...

Walk UP (yes, up, we are on the side of a very steep hill) the backyard to the lane, turn right, pass four houses, come out at the street, cross the street, turn left, walk UP past two houses, cross the street, turn left, pass four houses, and we're there.  It is that close.  I hear the school bells all day and can hear the children playing during break times.  It is THAT close.

Here are the problems...
1.  The two year old doesn't like to walk near roads, the traffic noise scares her.
2.  I cannot carry my two year old 300 metres uphill with my five year old's back pack on my back and then carry her back home without feeling like I am going to die.
3.  The two year old happily sits in a stroller or pram but...
a) the lane access at the back is an unsealed roadway which is very rocky and uneven, and the wheels on the stroller HATE it! (I have written a letter to the local council...however, I'm not counting on any action any time soon)
b) the pram wheels are quite happy on the unsealed lane but once we get to school there are steps at the front entrance (I can carry the stroller up the steps if the two year old hops out, but I can't carry the pram)
c) the front street access is sealed but that adds another hundred metres of steep uphill, which is fine if you don't have a pram
4.  If I drive (which I do when it rains) parking spaces are so limited I have to get there 20 minutes earlier to nab one and we end up having to walk almost as far anyhow, just without the UP bits.

I've tried it all ways.  They all suck.  Yesterday morning I convinced my two year old to walk without the stroller but ended up carrying her most of the way.  At one point she did agree to walk then tripped and grazed her knee.

I feel like I can't win with this one.  But, the good news is, it won't last forever!!
The two year old will walk eventually.
Quite possibly a long time before the council ever get around to fixing the lane!


  1. Things like that are awful. It SHOULD be easy but it isn't for whatever reason. There is a solution, I just have no idea what it is!

  2. I absolutely hate school drop off/ pick up too! Ok on my own but a nightmare with a 4 year old who walks very very slowly ;)
    They're renovating at the school so it's even harder to get a parking spot anywhere near the place unless you're one of those mums that camp out from practically just after recess (definitely not my style!)

  3. Teleporting. It's the obvious solution and is bound to be invented before the council gets around to fixing the path.

  4. That sucks- am kind of glad I have to drive my 5 year old as my 3 year old would definitely slow me down.

  5. How come you wear your five year old son's backpack?

  6. Sucky stages!! Yes I can relate. Mine is more about having to wake the 22month old up to do the school pick up. She is cranky when she gets woken (just like her mumma).....the sage advise I've been given at every stages is "this to shall pass". True but oh so frustrating!!!

  7. what did I do - I think we just pushed the younger one in his stroller, or carried him...which isn't much help...
    Would a pull along cart like thing be an option? Or one of those tricycles on handles? or is she not up to them yet?
    Yes, sucking situation *hugs hon*
    wish I had the solution.

  8. a - homeschool lol
    b - my 2 year old won't hold my hand to walk at the moment ... she's becoming very dangerous
    c - homeschool bahahah


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