Friday, February 19, 2010

It's a PARTY...and you're all invited!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, Bloggers and Tweeters,

I have hit my one hundredth blog post and as I love a good celebration, I feel a good one is in order.

To begin the proceedings I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane...this was my very first blog post...Do I Really Wanna Blog?

Well, I've hit 100 posts, apparently I do!!

So...let's have a party!

Please click here.  I love fireworks!!

Frock up...pick one...(I'm wearing no.1 but I'm not precious about it, you can too if you want.)

We are here...

Eat up...canape?

Drink up...choose one...(or a multiple of one, or a combination, my shout!)

And dance up a storm... here...come on...tell me you do not want to get up and dance when you hear this one! This also makes me think of Expo '88.  AND....I love Kylie, I cannot deny!

And now this was a bit before my time but it had a big resurgence in the 90's, when I was hitting the clubs big time!

And here's a new one that makes me feel 20 again....ahhhh.  LET'S DANCE!!

Happy me!  Woohooo!!

Hope you had as much fun as I did!


  1. Cheers! (I'm the one in dress #3, with the champagne in hand).

    Congrats on reaching 100... you look very young for your age ;)

  2. Congrats! For this special occasion i think I need a showstopper so I'm totally wearing Dress #4 and drink #6. Thanks for the invite *hic*


    Damn, no dresses for busty girls who wish to hide their legs... Can I go for a longer version of Dress #6 (ankle length), and I'll grab a glass of #2 if it is a slightly cheeky sauv blanc?

    Aww crap, dropped pastry from platter #3 down into bust. Where is George Clooney with his fine tapering fingers when you need him?


  4. Hi Megan, you look gorgeous tonight! Thanks for coming.

    Hi Sarah, love your dress choice, too cute! Thanks for coming. Another drink?

    Hi Madmother, hey, I'm a busty girl who wishes to hide her legs too...this is a virtual party and I have a totally gorgeous virtual figure so any dress fits! And virtual George is around here somewhere, I'll just go find him for you. Thanks for coming.

  5. Damn Girl you know how to throw a party!
    Dress #4 Drink white wine... :-)

  6. I think Aussie Waffler and I need to organise a blog-do up here at some point. Hmmmm, something to ponder.

  7. Hi Nicky, why thank you! Lovely dress and here's your wine. Thanks for coming.

    Madmother - Hmmmmm, worth pondering!

  8. Seraphim totally stole my outfit, I'm also in dress 4. Thanks for the bruschetta, I was starving. Great party, I'm off to grab another mojito. Happy 100th!! x

  9. Hi Jane, you and Sarah both look gorgeous, I'm sure no one will notice! Thanks for coming.

  10. Hi! happy 100 ... I seem to be wearing the same as Megan! I'm not precious about it either!
    Party time!

  11. Congrats whoo hoo !!!!
    im Dress no 5- Love it!
    and Brushetta for me and a Beer!
    i had a great time hope you have another party soon.

  12. Woot! Look Thea you need to turn the volume down I can't hear myself alright. Ok. That's better. I would like to eat some sushi please and a glass of champagne please. Woot! Congratulations on your 100 post! You never know you might meet your online friends in real life one day and we can have a party like this. Lets suggest your place!

  13. Hi Michelle, you and Megan obviously have very good taste and you both look stunning! Thanks for coming.

    Hi Ali, I knew you would choose that dress, I thought of you as soon as I saw it! Thanks for coming.

    Hi Taryn, the life of the party is here!! That would be soooo much fun! Thanks for coming.

  14. Oh, and Taryn, not my place, I suggest the island...wherever that is!! :D

  15. Ooooh, I love a party, and everyone looks great, I'll take dress 1 and the capriosca, Cheers & Congrats!

  16. Oops sorry I'm late - still working but thought I'd call past & grab a bite to eat. I'm in number 3 and I won't look at what you put in my glass. Since the music seems to have stopped I went and put another coin in the jukebox. Haven't heard this one fdor a while...

    Chelo - cha cha (I'd link but...)

  17. Any strawberry daiquiris at the bar? You all look fab and the great thing about this party, unlimited drinks and no hangover!

    Congratulations on 100 posts!

  18. Yay and woo hoo to 100, Happy 100th lovely Thea, I will make certain that I down enough bubbly to end up with an ever so slight headache in the morning ;)xx

  19. By the way, just caught Madmothers comment, yup, I'm hearin' you, there's this rather flash joint just around the know...just sayin'....

  20. Hi Slawgirl, excellent taste in frocks I see! Thanks for coming.

    Hi Kallie, never too late! You look stunning. Thanks for coming...and keeping the music playing!!

    Hi Christie, strawberry (hangover free) daiquiri coming right up. You look fab, too! Thanks for coming.

    Hi Tara, I promise not to fight you for the bubbly...well, I'll try not to! Thanks for coming.

  21. Hope everyone enjoyed the Santana set, now playing Jem come on closer :) love that bass :)

  22. Kallie - good job DJ, keep 'em coming!

  23. Woo hoo - I'm here, (fashionably) late as always. Sorry, missed the dress code, so I'm in a sparkly silver sequinned number. Now that I have a waist again I'm taking any opportunity to show it off.

    So, who's on the dance floor? Make way - I'm ready to bust some (seriously daggy) moves!

  24. Whoops... tell me you're not all passed out on the floor already???

    I'll have dress number 1, but in red. And some apple juice.

    Happy hundreth!!

  25. Just strolled back past the "Pink glove dance" while searching for the next song :) (so over the song as daughter plays it incessantly but it's in a good cause :)

  26. Another blogger I follow celebrated the same milestone tonight:

    Now back to the party!

  27. Now onto Rain on your parade by Duffy :)

  28. Hi Kelly, so glad you could make it! And of course you'd be standing out in the crowd with your divine silver sequinned number!! Let's dance!!! (off to check out your link) Thanks for coming.

    Hi Lori, the lady in red, you look WOW! Apple juice just for you. Thanks for coming.

  29. Congrats on the 100th post - I too am in Dress 3 tottering on high heels that I have forgotten how to wear, drinking the lime and soda water (well I hope it is soda water or I will be drunk - LOL). May be soon have 100 more. xxx

  30. Hi Kakka, loving your shoes...and your dress! Thanks for coming.

  31. I'm wearing Tuxedo #1 and I'll have some champagne please. :)

    So....who wants to dance??? *Rubbing hands together* Looks like I'm gonna be a busy boy!

  32. Hi Thea. What a great party. I'm the one in dress #2. I love the understated Audrey Hepburn look about it. I'm drinking a little of the bubbly and having a wonderful time. Oh, the sushi is divine...the best I've had! Congratulations on your 100th post.

  33. Number three for me on the dresses and a cocktail for me!

    A great party was had by all! Congratulations x

  34. Hi DL, finally we have male company at this party! You look very dashing. OK ladies, line up if you want a dance partner!! Thanks for coming.

    Hi Jackie, that dress looks divine on you, love that look! Glad you're having a good time. Thanks for coming.

    Hi Jade, looking gorgeous. Here's your cocktail. Thanks for coming.

    Hi Caz, thank you so much! And thanks for coming.

  35. Damn - was late - I love number 1 though :)Congratulations Hon :)

  36. Hi April, never to late, this is a perpetual party....never ends! You wearing number 1 too then? Great taste!! Thanks for coming.

  37. Woo hoo! Congrats!!!

    I'd take dress #3 and would eat and drink anything pictured here. Also love some fireworks. xx

  38. Fireworks?...Fireworks....did I miss the firew...? damn....


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