Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mummy Crimes

 I am ashamed to admit it, but I am guilty of Mummy Crimes.  Lately I have been nabbed doing these...

  1. Waiting too long to nap when my child is napping, so I nod off just as she wakes up.
  2. Wearing the same shirt to school drop-off and/or pick up twice in the same week.
  3. Falling asleep when I am supposed to be playing a game.
  4. Forgetting to check that the interior lights have been turned off after the kids have been playing in the car.
  5. Sneaking things like a bag of stones out of my child's room and throwing them into the garden because I thought they don't want them anymore, then had said child ask for them the very next day.
  6. Throwing dinner out night after night because my child refuses to try something new.
  7. Cooking the same kiddy dinner every night because my child refuses to try something new.
  8. Letting my children have whatever they want when I am on the phone so I can actually hear for a change.
  9. Not calling friends or family any more because the conversion is so interrupted it's just not worth it.
  10. (Leaving this one blank so you can fill it in with one of your own...please tell me I'm not the only one who commits Mummy Crimes!)


  1. Putting their art and craft masterpiecse straight into the recycling bin as soon as they go to bed, then telling them the next day that the fairies took them because they were so pretty.

  2. Yep. I'm guilty. Isn't it Murphy's Law, that if you throw something out of the kid's when they're not there, that perhaps they haven't played with in, like, YEARS, that they'll ask where it is?

    Yep. Me too.

  3. I can't believe you would stoop so low!

    I think you'll find all Mothers are "guilty" of these things on a daily basis. Let's face it, we're all human. I prefer not to think of them as crimes, but as the compromises we make to keep our sanity!

  4. I'm guilty of all the crimes you mentioned but the crime that actually does give me a teeny, tiny pang of guilt is when I vacuum up the threading beads, the craft 'sparkles' and beados without even an attempt to save some!

  5. All of the above either often or sometimes, but in addition when packing to move house not letting them inthe room so I can decide what goes to vinnies- what goes to storage- what comes, because as soon as they do EVERYTHING, even the drawn on, half unstuffed bob the builder doll that has been in a box all year will be AMAZINGLY special....sigh...oh and finally saying to bub 1, it is beautiful (about random creative endevour involving cardboad covered with paper clips and what appears to be fluff) but if I kept everything you ever made me where would it all Go, in an escalating kind of way. It had been a very long day.
    Kids really know the concept of "don't know what they've got till its gone"as soon as something 'dissapears' they want it...even if its a bag of rusty old bottletops.

  6. Oh Kylie I love your fairy excuse, mind if I pinch it?

    My number 10 would be telling my little angel I will watch something on ABC kids with her then sneaking off to read all my blog list after 5 minutes of kid stuff.

  7. telling my children the reason the Mr Whippy van plays music is to let kids know he's run out of ice-cream so they can't have any.

  8. All of the above - and I'm pinching the "the fairies took your artwork" excuse!!! Tha'ts a great one!! Plus making out like being allowed to have toast for dinner is a big massive treat, when really I'm just buggered after work and forgot to leave the meat out to thaw anyway!!

  9. All of the above plus - telling the kids the chocolate has chilli in it so they wont like it.
    Vacuuming up lego pieces when I know they are there.
    Still (kids are 8 & 10) feeding them banana custard for tea when I too tired for anything else.

  10. They are mummy crimes!?? Shit. I'm screwed I have done a lot worse...

    I am literally drowning in pictures and drawings and paintings. So much so I just have to throw some of them out. If I don't recycle them, the world will run out of paper sometime soon.


  11. Guilty as charged Your Honour... I stand accused of the above crimes and many more uncovered dastardly deeds(namely throwing out lollies when they won't notice). I will take your punishment on the chin as I'll do it all again... even eating all the lolly bananas and telling them there was no chocolate.

    I do have my line in the sand though... I will not let them wear the dirty clothes two days in a row, that is only for me to do :) Can I set punishment at 3 I love you's and 5 You're the best kids?

  12. The Coach and I both told Le Artiste that the tooth fairy had been blown off course by stormy weather when we forgot to replace a lost tooth with a coin. Oops.

  13. Hiding THAT book, the one that you have read every night for 2 weeks and just want a break from, and telling them if they can't find it then you can't read it, and if they put their stuff away like I asked it wouldn't be missing.
    Guilty as charged!


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