Monday, February 15, 2010

Sick Cravings

Today I'm not feeling so good.
It's just a typical cold...sore throat, sore ears, sore eyes, cough,  and a general feeling of lousiness.
I'll be good in a couple of days but it has just got me thinking about...

the things I wish for when I'm sick...
  • peace & quiet
  • a day OFF
  • a whole day in my cosy bed all by myself
  • a nanny to do everything for the kids
  • a servant to do everything for me

and the things I crave when I'm sick...
  • Lemsip
  • orange juice
  • tomato soup
  • chicken soup
  • water
What do you crave or wish for when you're feeling sick?

And while you're here, if you want to see which charity I'm donating to this week, pop over to My Year of Giving .


  1. Amen! I wish for all the same things when I'm sick. Absolutely. And a house that cleans itself, meals that cook themselves, and sympathetic family. Haha.

  2. I am with you on this one. Last week, the toddler had gastro. Looked after her, no worries. Then last night, both hubby and I came down with it. We were both awake all night. So today is HARD WORK. I wish someone could come and just take the little one to look after her and play with her. Sigh.

  3. Poor you.
    Chicken soup is my cure all.
    I've had a yucky cold for over a week but it's such a big job to make the soup that I don't have the energy. I will make a giant pot soon and freeze it so I have a supply on hand over winter.

    When I'm sick I also want lemonade.

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  4. As strange as this may sound, I always crave coffee when I'm sick. Okay, so I always crave coffee, but the craving doesn't go away when I'm sick.

  5. I've been feeling a bit yuck all weekend as well. I hate being sick but I'm so glad I don't have kids (yet) or anyone to worry about but myself!

    When I'm sick, I crave water, Vitamin C tablets and strawberries.

    Hope you feel better soon! x

  6. What do I want when I am sick? My Mum, of course.

    She reminds me constantly of the huge phone bill she had when I was backpacking by myself, including a very long, whimpy call from Prague when I had the flu.

    I think she secretly liked the fact that although I was miles away I still needed her.

  7. I hope you recover very quickly. And for me when I'm sick? Hot tea, lots of hot cups of tea.

  8. To be looked after and have no responsibilities - I can dream hey!! Hope your feeling better soon!

  9. Feel better soon hon. That is what I crave, feeling better, and 'real' food - I usually don't eat a hell of a lot, so when I have colds/flu my body tells me to have pasta, and vegetable bakes, and pineapple juice :)
    Gastric stuff - dry toast, limited fluids and saladas.
    As for tangible JUST TO FEEL WELL and not to have to try and convince eldest child that i will be okay and adult company - oh and medication to MAKE IT STOP.

  10. Hi Thea, I hope you are feeling better very soon.
    Like you, when I'm feeling unwell I long and crave for all the items you have listed here. Very high on my wish list is a nanny, servant and time in bed, where I can actually nap during the day :)

  11. OH for a day off because of illness!!!
    I crave mash potato :)

  12. You poor thing, hope you feel better soon.

    I'm amazed that you all crave such healthy stuff when you're sick. Me, I want chocolate, chips and fast food!

  13. Chocolate, nice melt in your mouth chocolate.

  14. Oh, it's got to be vegemite toast and sweet milky tea. It's what I got as a kid (the tea bit when I was older) and I still have it as my "comforty food"!!

  15. It's hard for me to answer this question because I am sick so infrequently. What comes to mind first...Sleep. I just want to crawl into bed and wake up days later, all recovered and ready to go.

    Get better soon!

  16. PS - it's not quite lemsip:

  17. Without fail, my sick as a dog cravings are:
    - red jelly
    - battered fish (from the fish and chip shop)
    - lucozade

    Hope you feel much better soon!

  18. Poor thing, I hope you feel better soon. I usually just want quiet and sleep when I'm unwell, although sometimes I crave Deb instant mashed potato and creamed spinach - how strange ! x


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