Friday, March 5, 2010


If you're a Twitter nut (like me), you'll know immediately what the title of this post means.
If you haven't dabbled in Twitter yet you might be saying, "What the...?"
It's hard for Twitter addicts and tragics (like me) to believe but there are some people out there who still don't 'get' Twitter.
And some who, if they do 'get' it, don't get why you would do it.

The most common questions I get are:-
Do you know these people?  No
How do you know they are not lying?  WHAT??


Why would everyone get on Twitter to lie?
Do people really think the cyber world is only for stalkers and psychos?  I guess some people do.

The other thing people ask is:-
Why do you care what celebrity is brushing their teeth?

Well somebody might care about that, but I don't. And that is the beauty of the Twitterverse, you create it, your very own world stylized just the way you like it.

Twitter is full of wonderful, witty, clever and caring people.  You'll always find someone to back you up, give you support, make you laugh...sometimes out very loud!

It's a bit like high school only better because you can be friends with the cool kids, even if you are not so cool yourself.

You can tweet to your favourite celebrity and get completely starstruck when they tweet you back (or is that just me?).

You can hear major news stories before anyone else.  Big news travels through Twitterland like wild fire.

But this doesn't all happen by itself.  You don't just sign up and instantly have this amazing community at your fingertips...well you do but you have to set it up.

How do you do that?

When I joined I wondered what the fuss was about.  It was just me and a blue bird asking, "What are you doing now?"...not scintillating.  The first thing you must do is follow!

Follow, follow, follow.

How do you find people to follow?

Maybe you have some real life friends that have Twitter accounts...check them out first.
Then you can search for some topics of interest (hobbies, sporting, TV, celebrities, news, local areas).  If you find some tweeps saying things you like, follow them.
After you've followed a few people, check out who they're following.  If you like the look/sound of them, follow them, too!  Hell, check out me, I'm @mumto2angels and I may be slightly biased but my list of 'tweetversational tweeps' are the most sensational tweeps in Tweetworld...follow ALL of them!!

So there you go, a quick 'how to' if you don't already know.
If you're not already there, hope to see you in Tweetsville real soon!!
Go on.....sign up!


  1. i dont follow celebs. anymore. i did in the beginning but stopped. got over it.

    i love twitter. though im beginning to have my moments with it. hate facebook more though..

    im {for private tweets}

    and {for my children's blog stuff!}


  2. yeah, we are pretty sensational aren't we? ;) I LOVE twitter. It's partly thanks to twitter I am doing what I love most...writing. Great post and I agree with you completely!

  3. Oh yay!! Thanks for a great list. I need some new tweeps now I'm back on Twitter! ;-)

  4. Noooo... trying to resist Twitter... have been doing so well... must... close... window...

  5. Me too Lori! And that dang Aussie Waffler bird ain't making it any easier...

  6. Lori & Madmother - but I could chat with you 2 lovely ladies all the time!!! Go on! ;)

  7. Okay I am following you now, and I learned something new - I didn't realize that you could follow whole lists of people.

  8. You had me at, "You can be friends with the cool kids!" REALLY? Yay, FINALLY!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. Ok, am wondering if this is yet another thing I am going to get addicted to.

    Since I did Tweetdeck, Twitter is so much more fun. I can see the tweets that pertain to me instead of all the other conversations going on mixed in. I was getting headaches using the normal twitter.

    Thanks for connecting me with the Twitter world Thea.

    Shelly at Tropical Mum

  10. I am a Twitter addict, I love it. I could give you all the reasons why but noone has enough spare time to read all of them.
    After moving OS to a country where I know NOONE I have felt really isolated. Thanks to Twitter and the fantastic group of Tweeters I have "met" I don't feel quite so isolated. So thank you fellow Twitter addicts, because without you I think my move would have been a whole lot harder. #sadbuttrue
    hahaha, love hashtags!

  11. Thanks for including me on your list Thea :) Not sure I'll keep up with all your suggestions but I'll try :)

  12. Oh yes, that Mad Mother will succumb, mark my words :) I love Twitter and I did everything backwards. I was tweeting which led to the blogging. I must say that when I start to lose my blogging mojo, a little stint on Twitter seems to get me back on track. Yay for the Twitterverse.

  13. OMG, you're making it really hard for me to keep resisting Twitter!

  14. So I'll see you there soon then Kelly??? ;)


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