Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did I Say That Out Loud?

Have you ever had a friend you were so close to that you could say anything to them?

I had a friend like that in college.  We were housemates for two years, our bedrooms were adjoining, she had to go through mine to get to hers.  We spent most of our time together and could practically finish off each others' sentences.

Not much processing of speech happens when you're that close to someone, you think it, you say it.  But there is one thing I said to her that haunts me to this day.

One lazy afternoon we were hanging around in my room and she was lamenting about the colour of her eyes.  They weren't really brown, they weren't really green, they weren't really hazel.

"They're slimy pond water colour," I say.

WHAT???  I said that??  Why did I say that?  I thought it, but surely I didn't have to SAY it!

She was immediately deflated and I don't blame her.  I quickly apologized and told her I was kidding, of course!  And of course she didn't hate me for it.  But I could have kicked myself.  What was I thinking...exactly what I said, unfortunately.

These sorts of memories often pop into my head.  Things I've said or done, or someone has said or done to me, from 20 or so years ago.  I've said and done lots of stupid things but this one just popped up from my memory bank this morning.  I wonder if she still remembers or ever thinks of it.  I hope she doesn't every time she looks in the mirror!!


  1. Oh dear. Yes I have odd memory slips like that. Unfortunately I have a tendancy for my brain-mouth link not to work so there is rather a lot of backtracking when what I've said hasn't quite been understood by the company of the adult I'm with -groups of possums forming gymnastic towers to climb over tree guards - you know those metal bands around trees- is one of my favorites. That was on a romantic first date walk :s thank fully he took it as just a part of me - but I wonder if I am 'the possum girl' in stories he tells forever more...
    Don't know if this will help - but whenever someone I'm close to me says something 'bad' about the way I look I can usually get it out of my head easily enough - however being teased about having a nose that looks like a strawberry in year 7 for a couple of weeks - that is with me still...still don't get why either....
    (oh and love the new blog font)

  2. Oh, Thea. Don't worry. We ALL do this at some stage. Multiple times in my case. Sometimes, I've said something, and realise immediately, want to take it back, but I'm just too embarrassed!

    I'm sure most of the things we say that we think people will hold against us, they've forgotten!

  3. Oh, don't worry, I am also terrible for this! In my house, I'm known as Brick (as in "Subtle as a brick").

    Last week, for instance, my friend was complaining about bloating, and I didn't even think before I said, "Oh, you're not that fat" - of course she took it to mean that she was fat but not too fat and oh dear, I had to backpedal fast!

    It's not that I mean to be horrid but I am very honest person and my brain doesn't always process what's coming out of my mouth quick enough!

  4. I believe they call it "Foot-in-mouth" disease. The only way to cure it is by cutting out your tongue...but that's not really recommended. :)

  5. Hehe, I have a chronic case of what I call "cringe factor", where I replay stupid things I said or did years ago and cringe at them all over again. Not good.

  6. I honestly thought it was just me. I can tell a person her child is a bully, her little boy is a princess and her legs are fat all in one sentence. I am truly gifted!

    I thought that's why I like blogging, but I find that I can still put my foot in it, but I just have a bigger audience to witness my blunders.

    Oh well, glad to hear this isn't just my affliction. I am hoping that those people I offend just shake their heads and laugh at what a dill I can be.

    Great post Thea!



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