Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Embarrassment

Some words are embarrassing.
And as much as I tell myself 'there is nothing to be embarrassed about', I still get embarrassed if I have to say them.
They are often words you have to say at the counter of a pharmacy.
Words regarding embarrassing conditions.
Words that involve 'private parts'.

I am a prude, I have openly admitted this before.
And, try as I might, I just cannot say these words without oddly pursing my lips, tensing my neck and altering my voice so it sounds like I have a slightly clipped English accent.

Can you?  Try these, out loud I mean...

Worm treatment
Thrush cream
Haemorrhoid cream
Head lice treatment
Pregnancy test

If these words just roll off your tongue like any other words then clearly you have no shame. ;)
Try saying them my way.  It's actually kinda long as no one is listening!


  1. I am a bit young for this one yet, but I can foresee it in my future with having had two pregnancies and no pelvic exercises undertaken--"Depends"

    And some others, hopefully not pertaining to me either now or in the future:

    What about cystitis?



    Guess we would never be any good working in a pharmacy.


  2. I once had thrush. As you do. I went to the chemist and asked for some cream. The pharmacist asked me if I had thrush and nodded meekly intimating that I did. Is it VAGINAL thrush he shrieked at the top of his lung. My husband was with me and he laughed so hysterically that the people who were not looking at us already due to the fact that I almost had "VAGINAL thrush" stamped on my forehead were looking at us then.

    Now that chemist has become the Vagina Chemist. In our house it is common to hear me say "should we go to the chemist in Coogee or should we go to Vagina Chemist"

    Honestly I am not really sure why I go back

  3. I'm a prude too. I had a strange upbringing in that way though - a Mum who is a Pharmacist (nothing shocks her, she'll say all those words like they're normal things) and a Dad who would leave the room if a tampon ad came on TV.

    I seem to have inherited the prudish part though.

  4. You wouldn't cope with some of the things I've had Thea lol

    I had to have an op where they were going to have to shave my pubic hair so I had some waxing done as it's much easier for regrowth than shaving... My SIL said something about it and I told her that nope, waxing is happening, not shaving. She hooted with laughter and talked of a shiny giney. Her 6yo son overheard... he spent ages asking her what a shiny giney was. :) Can I see you bright red and purse lipped with embarrassment ?

  5. No problems for me, and I do have no shame! i think it must be the nurse in me though, desensitising me to all thsoe words.

    What about se.xual intercourse?? I have trouble with that one because it just sounds so old fashioned!

  6. asking in a hushed whisper, if the pharmacist had "portable catheter bags" was a new low for me. I had to wear one for a couple of weeks when I was pregnant. Cue detailed questioning and discussion about placement and management of my catheter bag.
    I still want to die a bit when I think about it.

  7. I never know what to call private parts at the doctor. Do I use the proper medical term or what the kids call it?
    I'm happy to show the doctor the kids or mine for that matter, I just don't want to talk about it.

    And chemists? They should have a discrete little cubby you can go into to ask your questions rather than having to broadcast your questions to all and sundry hanging around the counter!

  8. I'm usually pretty good... but once had to go and get the morning after pill.

    Of course, the spunkiest looking guy just happened to be at the counter. And to make matters worse, the place was packed full of people.

    Guess who learned their lesson and hasn't ever been in the position to ever have to ask for it again?! :-)

    BTW - I'm with Angela. What are you supposed to call your bits at the dr?!

  9. Bwahahaha! And here I was thinking you would say something like 'vagina'. 'Worm treatment' is much worse!!

  10. Ahhhhahhhaaa hah ha ha. This has made me giggle.

    I always do a stage whisper. "I'm sorry , but can you tell me where the mens incontinence pads are?"

    Like some ugly sister in a panto.


  11. Hmmm, I get embarrased. But then, after giving birth to four children, I've become a lot more bold.

  12. Oh, God! I am SO the same! I always use a silly voice for such words. And I didn't even realise it until I read this!


  13. I ,personally,have no problem - with any of the words. In fact, I have taught all 3 of my girls the proper name for their anatomy. However, this has mortified my husband at time....
    In an elevator with him and all 3 of my girls and about 7 others (big elevator) - the elevator descended quickly and my cherubic 5 year old blurts out "Dad, that made my vagina feel funny!" He just about died....

  14. Funny post!

    I can imagine that once my daughter is a little older, I'll have to walk into a shop and make the following incredibly embarrassing request:

    "One copy of Justin Bieber's debut album "My World" please."

    Now, *that's* embarrassing.

  15. @Someday. I've done the same, The kids use the proper terms, they know the other ones though. Can't hide those from them :). Son has walked through shops asking me why I don't have a penis or things like that. I laugh later :)

    @Not Drowning Mother, hopefully by the time she's old enough to ask she will also have gained better taste :) because that *really* is embarrassing :)

  16. Hey Thea...just to let you know, I have tagged you here:


  17. I have no problems asking for any of those things. After years & years of asking for thrush treatment, pregnancy tests etc just am not phased. I even send hubby down to buy tampons for me - no fuss at all.
    Best of all, we used to get my dad (3 daughters) to buy tampons for us when we ran out sometimes... he was (retired now) the local Anglican Priest - loved thinking of the pharmacy staffs faces when a man in a dog collar came in to buy tampons! :)

  18. My Mum is a nurse so I grew up hearing about all sorts of things. My Dad wasn't the type of guy to refuse to buy tampons at the supermarket either so I'm pretty good with all this stuff.

    On the other hand, my other half is terrible! He goes all red if someone even mentions pregnancy tests. I had to send him down to Coles once about three or four years ago and he made his friend buy the test!


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