Tuesday, May 11, 2010

42 Years

It is Mum & Dad's 42nd wedding anniversary today.

Aren't they cute?
Mum was only 19, Dad was 24.
They are the most well suited couple I've ever met.
They never fight.  No really, never.

They have lived their entire married life in the same house, on the family farm.
They have three children, I'm the eldest, and eight grandchildren.

Happy anniversary, Mum & Dad.
Love you lots. xxx


  1. Happy anniversary to your Mum and Dad. This year my parents celebrate 51 years together ... can you imagine? Marriages were built to last back then ...

  2. Happy Anniversary Thea's Mum and Dad!!!

    How gorgeous.


  3. Wow. Happy Anniversary to your parents.

    If my dad were still alive, this year would have been my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. I think it's magical to see marriages that have lasted the test of time.

    Beautiful :)

  4. Adorable. So young! Lovely!

  5. Lovely pictures and tribute. It's my first visit, over from Mummy Mayhem. Loved your Do You Have a soul post and To blog or not post. Many similarities even though we're a world apart.


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