Friday, May 28, 2010

Virtual Glasses

I own a lot of virtual glasses. The world can be a completely different place depending upon which glasses I'm wearing.

I have...

Happy glasses - with these on I have smile constantly percolating, ready to bubble up into a laugh at any given moment.

Misery glasses - when I'm wearing these everything is miserable, life sucks and the world is B.A.D.

Silly glasses - if you read yesterday's post you would know I only wear these at home, or in private places.

Rose coloured glasses - these are my favourites, when I'm wearing these the world is WONDERFUL!

Lazy ass glasses - unfortunately I wear these a lot and they force me to say, "I can't be bothered" or "Do I have to?"

Just Do It glasses - I misplace these all the time but it's amazing how much I can do when I put them on.

Sensible glasses - these are the ones I pop on when I have a medical appointment or an important meeting.

PMS glasses - if you don't own any of these just.shut.up!!

Superhero glasses - these make me feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof, I wore these for awhile after the natural with no drugs birth of my children.

Worry glasses - I'm wearing out my pair of these.

Useful glasses - when I have these on I can always think of the right thing to say or do at just the right moment.

Useless glasses - I take these with me when I'm hiding behind a big rock.

Fighting glasses - wearing these turns all words into fightin' words.

Wine glasses - self explanatory

How many pairs do you own?
What are your favourites?
Which ones are you wearing today?


  1. I want some real fake ones. To see if they help me look studious and sexy. Does that make me vain?! (Probably. I don't care though!)

    I love all your glasses....the rose colured ones are best.

  2. I think I've worn all your glasses this past month. Today I am wearing my happy glasses. I'll take the Rose Coloured ones in my handbag in case the day turns crappy and then it will still look good. Enjoy ur day with the girlies. xx

  3. Wow, we must shop at the same glasses store!

    Today I have my Happy Glasses on. The Lazy Ass glasses are sitting on top of my head though. xx

  4. I own a gazillion pairs but right now I'm looking for my sleep glasses. the ones that will let me lie down and go zzzzzzz. I think the offspring have hidden them from me!


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