Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hump Day Happiness

It's Wednesday, also known as hump day.
Naomi over at Under The Yardarm has started Hump Day Happiness for Wednesdays and I'm joining her.
I'm struggling a bit today, though.
Over the past two days I've discovered some things that have totally shaken my faith in my online world.  And I live there a lot!
So, like Naomi said, in times like these it's really important to look for the good.

Three things that made me smile this week are...

I had five whole hours of 'me' time last Friday.  I drove all by myself an hour away, which I have not done since I can't remember when.  I actually like being in the car all by myself!

While I was waiting to meet my sister I had at least 20 minutes of pure, silent, bliss sitting in the car beside a creek in beautiful bushland.  I LOVED it!!

I spent some time with my lovely sister.  Not enough time, but it's always wonderful to see her.


  1. This week sounds like it has been a tough one for all of us, for a variety of reasons.

    Hugs to you Thea. Glad you got some bliss.


  2. Sounds lovely. There is nothing like a bit of silence to make you feel good again.

    I hope the second half of this week is much happier for you :)

  3. I just found your blog through Twitter - it is delightful. I'm going to enjoy reading your postings.


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