Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Want a Fancy Shed

You know how most men want a shed? (My poor husband doesn't have one.)
Or a room in the house that they can hide out, commonly called the man cave? (My husband does have one of those.)

Well, I want a room.  Or a studio (a fancy shed).

A place just for me.
And this is what it would be like...

It would need to be two storeys.

Upstairs for craft and fitness.
Downstairs for reading and music.
Upstairs would be the colours of a sunset, pinks, purples and blues.
Downstairs is the calming colours of the ocean, greens and aqua blue.
Upstairs would have the perfect storage areas for every craft and sewing project.
Downstairs is lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves.
Upstairs would have large cutting tables and sewing desks for my machines.
Downstairs has large, comfy reading chairs and a ladder on wheels to reach the highest books.
Upstairs would have mannequins draped with fabrics in one corner and a treadmill or gym set in another corner.
Downstairs has a baby grand piano, lid up, with sheet music ready to be played.
Upstairs would have large glass windows to take in the expansive ocean views and a mirrored wall for dress fittings.
Downstairs has a fireplace and a soft, fluffy rug on the floor.

Oh, how I do love to dream...

If only Oprah were one of my blog followers.
I just know Nate would create this vision perfectly...

If I had the space.



  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

    What a blissful daydream....

  2. Sounds fab-o. And imagine the view from your place with another storey on it? Woo hoo!

  3. Can I have one just the same? It's sounds beautiful.


  4. *sigh* I want one too. The Man has his Man shed and its huge and full of junk. No space left for little ol' Lori.

  5. Maybe one day!? Make sure you buy your lotto tickets! xx

  6. Ahh, sounds like heaven!! Hub and I are building our own home in a year or so... I want at least half of it... lol...

  7. Sounds like bliss.. can I come and visit? I'd bring bubbly! xxx

  8. Sounds great I want one too! Failing that at least a cupboard to stash all my craft stuff instead of having to stack it in the dining room. Come on tatts where's my winning ticket?

  9. I used to have a room like that and then i had to move back home to my parents house, now i have a bedroom/office/craft room in an even smaller space than my original craft day I'll have a 'creative room' again...although with all the ideas i have it may need to be a creative' house'...better start saving!

  10. I dream of a room like this! lol
    You have done a great job of describing it.

  11. That sounds great, if you ever get one can I come visit :) ? Visiting from the king and eye.

  12. Ahhhhh, it sounds just great, I see a spiral staircase winding up to the colourful top floor, a tea pot covered with a teacosy and a plate of scones with jam and cream, the tide is coming in and the sun is setting

    Dropping by from the king and eye as well, thanks for the images :)

  13. I want that house too! It sounds perfect :)

  14. My husband said to tell you that you are a bad influence on me hehehe. Hey, a girl HAS to dream:) Thanks for taking part in blog gems:) Jen


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