Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shopping Trolleys!!

A couple of days ago I went shopping with my two year old at Big W.
We picked a trolley, not because I was planning on buying up big, but because my two year old wanted to sit in it...then stand in it...then push it...then stand on the outside of it...then she abandoned it altogether and left me pushing a large trolley looking mostly empty apart from some earrings and a t-shirt.

Anyway, as I was pushing the trolley I was suddenly jolted to a dead stop.
One of the wheels had seized.  Completely.  Wouldn't move a millimetre.
At this point I was rather pleased I only had earrings and a t-shirt to remove and walk on, leaving the dead trolley mid-aisle.
Not a major deal, I'm usually more surprised if I get a trolley that actually works well.
But while I've had plenty of trolleys with a mind of their own, I have never had one that just refused to work at all before.

Some time later, as I pondered the trolley-that-refused-to-budge, I had these thoughts...

Thank goodness I wasn't in the supermarket with a full load of groceries, but I guess I could have found another trolley to reload.
Thank goodness I didn't have a baby with a full load, that would have made locating and reloading just that bit more difficult.
Thank goodness it didn't happen at the checkout...that would have been very embarrassing.
Thank goodness it didn't happen at the bottom of the travelator with a whole ramp of trolleys banked up behind me.
Thank goodness it didn't happen with a sleeping baby and a full load of groceries in the middle of the car park on the way back to the car! Yikes, what would I have done then??

See what my mind can do?
It can turn one small seized wheel into a whole series of calamitous events!

Another issue I have with trolleys at the moment is when the wheels do NOT seize (as they are supposed to) on the down travelator.  Have you tried to hold a full trolley with a two year old to stop it from rolling down the ramp?? It's not that easy.

However, I am loving Coles in my hometown.  They have recently replaced all of their supermarket trolleys with brand new ones!! They are heaven.  There really is nothing much better than brand new shopping trolleys.  Is there?


  1. I think that's a really good way to think Thea. Instead of going "*grumble* that sux, broken trolley, you count your blessings- it could have been worse!!

  2. It's funny you say this Thea because our local Coles has all new trolleys and then the Woolies in the next suburb got new trolleys too. It's awesome not having to "try" them out one by one to get a good one....a difficult task with kids!

  3. Our Coles has had new trolleys three times in the last 12 months. They have those fabulous half sized trolleys but had to put the coin thing on them to reduce theft. It's working but not completely... I do love a good trolley though :)

  4. My local IGA has the best trolleys. They never have wonky wheels and they are always nicely lined up ready to go. They are never all over the carpark.

    The IGA hires a young fellow who is very slightly disabled and he does the trolleys and cardboard recycling. I think it's totally due to him that the trolleys are in such good condition.

    I have been meaning to compliment the manager on his lovely trolleys. I will do it next time I am in there.

    Gotta love a good trolley!

  5. It's funny but trolley is your best way to move easy with all belongings we have large range of trolly which is solve your problem.


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