Friday, September 10, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Meme

I was tagged three times by three lovely ladies...

Amy @ Puff Pieces
Melbourne Mumma @ Melbourne Mumma
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...for the Kreativ Blogger meme. Thanks ladies!!

So, as I have one day off in this busiest week of the year, I thought I'd do a proper post.

Here are the rules:

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Seven things I haven't told you before...gosh, this will be hard considering I am an oversharer and I think I've told you everything already.  Let's think....hmmmmmmmmm....letting random memories unveil themselves...

1.  I fainted once in a vet's surgery. I have no idea why but it was most embarrassing. We were looking at x-rays of a pet dog and the vet said it's not unusual to faint looking at x-rays of your pet. What? I'm not that much of a wuss. I can watch RPA no problem at all. It was a very hot day and very stuffy...that's my excuse!

2.  I lost my watch at school when I was in Year 9. This was a big deal, because those were the days when you didn't have a watch until you turned 12 and it was a 'good' one, no cheapie plastic digital thing. So, needless to say, Mum was a bit unhappy about that. She went through my whole day and got me to remember the last time I remembered seeing it. I thought I must have lost it at the bus turn-around at school, so we drove into town (18kms) and with a torch searched in the dark.  And guess what? Mum found it!!

3.  On my first day of school I climbed to the top of the slippery slide (schools still had those back then) and wouldn't come down. Mum was at the bottom of the ladder and the teacher at the end of the slide, both coaxing me to come down, but I just sat there. I was so scared about starting school!

4.  During school holidays we always had cousins or my Aunty's neices & nephews come for a stay on the farm.  In Summer we loved sitting on bales of hay piled high on the back of the trailer in the evenings for hay baling.  Once while my uncle was driving along a slight slope the trailer slipped and all the bales slid off the trailer onto the ground, so did we, but somehow we all managed to stay on top and none of us were hurt. Lucky escape!

5.  I play the piano and whilst I'm pretty good at it (I did exams to Fifth Grade with honors) I'm not a performer and hate playing for people. A lot of people don't understand that and think I'm being rude refusing to play for them.

6.  I always wanted lots of kids and thought I'd have at least 3 or 4. I'm quite surprised to discover that 2 is more than enough for me.

7.  A perfect day for me is doing nothing, no plans, no pressure. But I think one of those is a very, very long way into my future.

I'm nominating 3 bloggers for this meme and they are...

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Sass @ The Secret Life of Sass & Lex

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  1. Can relate to number 6. I have two girls and often get asked if I'm going to try for a boy. (What exactly does that mean? Should I keep having kids until I get a boy... lol, anyway..) I am very happy with 2. I love my little family and they exhaust me enough, thanks. :) Love the watch story. I often wonder what things will stay in my daughters memories. :) Hope you get your 'free' day soon. :)


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