Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New View

I had a revelation....again!
In the shower....again!!

At the moment we are lucky enough to be holidaying at gorgeous Coolangatta in a lovely holiday unit with pool, spa, sauna, gym.  We are unluckily enough to be having the crapest weather. Not a drop of rain or cloudy weather for months. We come to the beach...the weather turns sour. Did someone say Murphy's Law?

Anyhow, our 6 (I almost typed 5) year old boy was desperate to get into the pool from the moment we arrived. Yesterday afternoon was a no go. It was cold, it was windy, it was cloudy Mummy & Daddy couldn't get motivated. But this morning, there was no escaping the pester power. So off to the pool we went. It is heated, still not warm enough for me. And it does have a!! I could have stayed in that divine bubbly gorgeousness all day. But it started to rain and one drop signals 'outta there' for me!

We were sharing the spa with another young family. A beautiful young mum and her two very well behaved toddlers. As I sat there in my neck to knee swimmers (it's boardies and rashie only for me these days) I was feeling a little frumpy as the other mum sat there in her stunning much skimpier than mine swimsuit.

There would have been a time when I would have felt almost sick over that. I would have stressed about it for the rest of the day. I would have felt completely inferior and ugly. But today I was smiling at my kids having so much fun and enjoying the warm bubbles too much.

And the revelation that I just had in the shower?

I realized that...

Yes, I need to lose weight
Yes, I am now overweight according to my BMI and Wii Fit
Yes, I eat too much
Yes, I need to excerise more
Yes, I would love to look like that other mum in the spa.


Only in the way that I covet a luxury car, a mansion, a maid, a cleaner, a personal masseuse.

Yeah, it would be nice.
But I don't need it to be happy.

That doesn't mean I'm giving up.
It just means I'm not going to think or worry about it quite so much.


  1. That's a great place to be in Thea. I am glad you are having a getaway as well. Enjoy xxx

  2. That's a really great way to think about it. Now you've taken the pressure off yourself you may feel more inclined to do things... that's how my brain works!

    Enjoy your break too xxx

  3. Oh Thea. You are so utterly in touch.

    (And I am deeply jealous of your holidaying........)


  4. Oh wow, just down the road (well 45 mins) from me :) I love Coolangatta, we lived at Tweed for four years before moving back up to the north end of the GC.

    Movies are a bargain at that BCC too. Plus Aztec Mexican at top of the shopping centre really nice too.

    Have a great holiday and good for you, I sought of got to that spot a while ago too. I want to be healthy, but hey, the day only has so many hours in it. Not enough to obsess over something that really, at the end of the day, isn't what makes us happy, the people around us do. xx

  5. Love it. Being able to say you're happy without having to clarify it with a 'but' is bliss.


  6. There's nothing like a warm spa in the rain to clarify one's thoughts. Great attitude Thea. Enjoy your holiday.

  7. Fabulous revelation, Thea! It's hard not to compare ourselves to others, but that's the first step at unhappiness if we do. You are your own woman...whatever works for you!

    Enjoy your holiday. Even if it rains...there are always books and NO HOUSEWORK!

    :) xxx

  8. Sounds like you have it all figured out - great mindset to have :)


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