Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To meeeeeee!!!

Yep, it's my double 21st today.
And I don't feel a bit over 56.

So, for my birthday I'm giving you a present,
well, one of you...
as promised.

I'm only 6 off 200 magic followers, but my birthday came first, so here's the giveaway.
If you would like one of these... swimming/beach bags with draw string and hidden zippered pocket...

all you have to do is say pink or blue in the comments.
I'll put the names in a hat and draw out the lucky winner of the giveaway on Friday 29th at 7pm.

If you haven't you seen my cutie pie aprons click here if you have a minute and do some window shopping at Sew Thea.

Oh, and here are my presents....lucky me!

And here's my opal. I can't wear it until it's resized to a teeny tiny size 'L', but I can look at it.
And I will, all day long.

Isn't it pretty!?


  1. Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people in the blogosphere! Love the look of your presents. xxxx

  2. Cue the music - Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Theeeeeeea, happy birthday to you. You got the opal...YAY. Oh, and even though it's not my birthday (just yet) I shall say blue :)xx

  3. Wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    May you have a wonderful day and be spoilt rotten!!!

    And I would love to say BLUE :D ....

    Hope you get to the magical 200 followers very soon!!

    ( )

  4. Happy Birthday Thea! Enjoy your day xx

  5. Such beautiful presents for a beautiful lady. Hope the day is filled with love and laughter. You deserve it x 1000.
    PS I pick blue. xx

  6. Happy Birthday :) October is the best month for birthday's (cos mine is in it too!), I am always eyeing up opals....never seem to get anywhere with the eyeing up tho :(
    Have a great day...and with two little girls...I pick PINK! Going to check out your shop don't give sewing lessons do you?

  7. Happy Birthday lovely lady!!

    That ring is gorgeous!

    (PS - my entry to your giveaway is of the pink variety)


  8. Oh, a very Happy Birthday to you, Thea. What gorgeous pressies! YAY!

    You know...when my Mum was your age, she was pregnant with me, and would have me just over 6mths later. Imagine...?

    Oh, and I'll say BLUE. Because, you know, I'm surrounded by boys... ;)

    Enjoy your day lovely lady. xxxxx

  9. Happy Birthday beautiful! Hope you have a great day & I love the opal xoxo
    Pink :-)

  10. Happy birthday beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. SHAZAM!! That opal is nearly as beautiful as you! Hope it feels all the prettier for adorning your finger, gorgeous one. Happy birthday! Cuddles and sunshine xxx

  12. Again, a big Happy Birthday to you!
    What gorgeous presents you received. I LOVE pink stuff!

    And I would like to enter your little giveaway! Blue Blue Blue :D

  13. Roses are read, violets are BLUE
    I'd love to say Happy Birthday to you!


    PS LOve your presents... lucky girl x

  14. Happy birthday! Your ring is lovely...I love opals with diamonds either side ;) You did well! As for the cute beach bag, I definitely would love one and definitely in blue! x

  15. Your opal is beautiful! Happy birthday and sign me up for BLUE!!

  16. I'm so disappointed.
    My ring turned out to be a dud!
    When we went shopping we were looking for a white gold ring, but I didn't see any I liked. So instead of sitting down with the jeweller and designing one ourselves (which probably would have been very expensive anyhow) I was happy with the silver one I found. The lady assured me it would be fine to resize because it was huge and my fingers are tiny. She thought it was rhodium plated, which is the same as our wedding rings...fine. When I took it to the jeweller the thought it might be chrome plated, which CANNOT be resized. Guess what I discovered when I went to pick it up today? Yep, bloody chrome. So we're taking it back, I'm upset, and we obviously bought something 'cheaper' than what we thought we were getting.

  17. And the winner is......



  18. Oh! Thank you!!!

    I'll email you...



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