Friday, October 15, 2010

Mrs Smith

This is a two part post. A before and after. Today is my first day back at work, teaching (albeit relief) after 7 1/2 years. Today I am not only Thea and Mum, I am Mrs Smith again.


It's 6:30am and I am so nervous I feel sick. Literally!
I'm running to the loo every 2 seconds (that may be a slight exageration).
But I am seriously....scared!
I'm shaking in my sheep-skin slippers.
My stomach has butterflies the size of cows.
I don't know if I can even eat breakfast.
I didn't sleep well, due mainly to children rather than nerves, but still.
My whole body feels stiff. I suffer from a condition that I like to call "Nervous Paralysis".
It's like getting the shakes, except I am trying so hard not to shake, my body freezes!!
It's just like I'm 5 years old and getting ready for my first day ever at school.
Why don't things get easier as I get older??
I'm almost 42, for goodness sake!!
OK, off to iron my clothes, make my (& my boy's) lunch, pack bags, do my hair and make-up!!
See ya on the flip side.

It's 7:55am, I'm about to walk out the door.
Somebody save me!
Why did I agree to this??


It's 3:25pm, I am home, it was terrible!

Hehe, just kidding. It was fine, totally, better than fine!!
Two small year four classes in one classroom, two teachers and two student was the best way ever to ease back into it.
It also helped that still I knew 90% of the staff.

I've learned that my teacher hat still fits.
I've learned that my teacher voice still works.
And I've remembered that I really do enjoy being in a classroom and school environment.

Now, I'm ready for round two.
But I bet I'll still be nervous for awhile yet.
Damn nerves!!

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who wished me luck and encouraged me.
All of your words helped so much!


  1. Yeah another small fear you have overcome & will continue to overcome.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Oh Thea, I am so so glad. I knew you would be totally back in your groove, but I am very glad to read it.....

  3. Yay!!

    I knew you would be fine!!

    I can't wait for my first day as a teacher...though I'm pretty sure I'll be in the toilet crying hours before! lol


  4. I was JUST about to tweet you and ask how it went. I'm so glad it went well!

    I can't wait til my first day in the classroom, but I'm sure I'll be hiding in the bathroom with Sass xx

  5. I knew you'd do great. You don't forget how be what you trained for. Glad you had a great day! xx

  6. Oh yay!

    I so needed to read this after a less than inspiring week at work. Thanks for reminding me what a great job it is.

    Here's to round two! Well done Thea xxxx

  7. Good for you! So glad it went well :)

  8. Isn't it awful what we do to ourselves with nerves?! Wonderful to hear all was okay and most importantly, you enjoyed yourself. xx

  9. Glad your first day back went ok. I still get nervous before teaching and I've been doing it for 6 years now. I think it's because anything can happen in the classroom. No matter how well prepared you are there's always the chance that something unexpected will happen. It's what I love and hate about my job!

  10. Great to hear it went so well Thea. I know what you mean about the running to the loo thing - I do that to when something big is on the horizon. Do you know if you will pick up regular relief work? xxx


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