Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mt Everest - aka Gladstone St

At the risk of repeating myself, I live on the side of a hill.
A pretty big hill.
So if I want to go for a walk I generally go up to start with, do a lap around the top of the connecting hills, then walk back down to my house.
If I want a proper workout, in a short amount of time, I walk down my street, and walk to the next street...

Gladstone Street

A street that high and steep needs to be centred, bold, italicized and typed in BIG words!

Every time I turn the corner to see the street in it's full steep glory I think to myself, "Why am I doing this?"
And then I set off, like a sure footed mountain climber...(well it is a pretty smooth concrete footpath and then onto the bitumen street).
I start slow and steady, breathing deeply, then get half way and it gets much steeper. Oh yeah, beware the steep descent.
About this time I turn into the Little Engine....I think I can, I think I can...
My breathing steps become laboured...the residents on the verandahs are wondering why anyone would walk up this hill...
And then I'm at the top, I did it!!
And I feel good.
Yes, it was probably about a 4 minute uphill climb, but it's just right for me.
It's my Mt Everest.
Of course I am aware that the real Mt Everest is Gladstone St times a billion to the power of ten when you factor in wind, snow and freezing conditions.
Why anyone would ever want to climb Mt Everest is completely beyond me...
Give me Gladstone St any day!!


  1. Your Gladstone St sounds alot like my Panorama Dr. I tried it... once.

  2. Sounds a bit like my driveway, only crazy or drunk people choose to walk up our driveway.

  3. Sounds just right!
    I bet you feel good once you make it to the top. Get that blood pumping and the heart rate up!

    Tina. We have a panorama drive!
    I wonder if we are talking about the same one! :)

  4. Yep... as a hills dweller, I know this all too well. No such thing as a flat area here.

    My trick is to look down at the ground as I go up... to trick myself into thinking it's not as steep as it really is. It almost works!

    Keep going Thea, hills are great exercise!

  5. I live at the bottom of a similar street, so I hear ya. If I want to walk anywhere, it is UP first. No wonder I walk so few places these days, pushing a pram and a 4 year old on a bike simultaneously is not fun!

  6. Oh Thea, brilliant exercise. I live in ahilly area too. For a long while I had never dared walk them. I would always take the car......

    Such a good feeling to conquer them hills, and feel it getting easier.....

  7. If you can do the hill...brilliant! I went walking with a friend who lives in a hilly area (I don't) and WOW - what a workout! She did it no problem...I struggled. Made me realise how good walking hills is!


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