Friday, October 1, 2010

My Dolly (Lady) in Red

I found this idea on Melissa's blog Suger Coat It and LOVED it!
It has to be the most perfect TTW (total time waster) ever.
The theme was Lady in Red.
I'm loving my lady, in 1950's glamour.
Even though red is not one of my favourite colours...this could sway me.
How about those shoes??
1950's Red Tulle Tea Length Princess Dress
$549 -
Red dress »

Geraldine colbert jackets CHAMPAGNE
938 GBP -
Fox fur jacket »

Christian louboutin shoes SILVER
1,095 GBP -
Christian louboutin pumps »


  1. Oh Thea! I LOVE this whole look. That dress is divine!

  2. Cute set my love. Great dress. And shoes, oh lah laaa.

    Would love to take credit, however Danielle at danimezza has a weekly (i know, how will you ever get your work done again) challenge with different ways to dress up the dolly. Make sure you link up to her linky thingy.

  3. Ooooh! I love the dress, and the shoes are really pretty!

  4. ohh i love it when new people join up :) loving the vintage look and those shooooooes!

  5. GORGEOUS. Love the bag & shoes especially. GIMME!

  6. Love this.that dress is so pretty!

  7. Whew, that's a pricey outfit! Very glam though.


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