Sunday, October 17, 2010


I love October!

It's Spring.
It's my birthday month.
And it's Jacaranda season.

One of the things I love most about this town
is its jacarandas in October.
As I stand on my front patio I can see about 40, but there are hundreds around town.
So today I'm going for a

'Jacaranda Stroll'

I'm taking my camera and I'm hoping to have some pretty shots to show you when I return.
Cross your fingers....

I got some!
They're not too bad.
Be prepared to be bathed in purple...

I discovered there are white jacarandas! Who knew?

It is such a beautiful crystal clear day today

These are not jacarandas, but other pretty things I saw on my walk.

I LOVE agapanthus


When I walked up a path into this, I was blown away by the scent of star jasmine.

And some more pretty home...


  1. What a beautiful place to call home :)

  2. Oh Thea, thanks for all these lovely photos. How gorgeous!

  3. I love Jacaranda's too. Our neighbour has a lovely one that we look out at. Your pictures are just beautiful. xx

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love Autumn too. Husband would love these photos - demonstrating he is very much in touch with his inner gay man he adores jacarandas or any purple flowers really.

  5. I love Jacarand's the only problem with them is when their leaves fall & you have to clean them up.

    Are all the pictures of Jacaranda's? As I'm only use to the purple Jacaranda tree.

    If the pictures are not all of Jacaranda's what are the the 3 nice pink flower pictures of?

    Thank you for sharing with your readers

    (((( Hugs ))))

  6. I love these photos, especially all the Jacarandas! They are so beautiful.


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