Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Just Not Christmas!

I'm not happy about all this Christmas business!!
Well, I am happy about Christmas, of course
but not about it starting in October!

Isn't the song called "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?
Not three bloody months of Christmas.

I'm cranky with marketers, promoters and advertisers for ruining the Christmas spirit.

Remember that feeling of excitement when Christmas is coming?
Well, that's supposed to happen at the beginning of December, NOT October.

The Christmas decorations have been on the shelves since then.
They'll be faded and dusty by the time Christmas actually gets here.
It's not Christmas...yet!

The Santa chairs and Santa letter boxes are out in the shopping centres.
It's the middle of November.
It's not Christmas...yet!

The trees are up, the lights are flashing and everybody is blithely walking past in a ho hum fashion.
Because....It's not Christmas...yet!

When Christmas finally gets here (in five and a bit more weeks!) the danger is, we'll be over it.

Christmas is not all about buying toys, expensive gifts and a million and one decorations.
But that's what the shops are trying to persuade us to believe by using the theory of immersion.

When Christmas goes for a quarter of the year, some of it's shine wears off.


  1. Have to agree but we don't let the shops tell us when it's christmas we make our own minds up.

    While they have decorations and that out in October,if we need to buy decorations we buy them when we feel like it usually early December.

    Having said that we haven't had to buy decorations for a few years now.

    As for presents we tend to buy them through out the year so that by the time Christmas rolls around we have done with that.

    Now onto Christmas food we do tend to buy a turkey or leg of ham when ever its on special then just put it in our chest freezer.

    Other sorts of nibbles we buy through out the year then just store them away, we also make a lot of our own christmas nibbles.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Got it on one Thea! It's so true.

    It's like Easter, I do not eat hot cross buns until Good Friday!

    I think people forget there is a reason why we have Christmas, and it's not about who gets the most toys!

    I am making gifts this year, as well as sourcing as many as possible from local, ethical and hand made suppliers!

    Excellent post Thea xxx

  3. Gosh - I noticed some decorations in the shops early last month! I reckon it comes around earlier every year. In fact - my 8yo received his first Christmas card a couple of days ago! Sheesh.

  4. Yep i agree
    Walking around the shops and my daughter is getting so excited over all the crissy stuff wich i love but by the time december comes around she wont be excited anymore!
    and its just not special

  5. I completely agree. There's too much focus on the commercial side of Christmas, presents and decorations. Everything's gone designer. Give me a simple tree with ornaments that have been in the family for years and a nice lunch with the family any Christmas!!

    Although, the 12 days of Christmas is actually the 12 days following Christmas, not before...


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