Friday, November 5, 2010

Polly Dolly has a Bump!

Well I'm not going back there again...being pregnant I mean. I never liked anything I wore during pregnancy.
I didn't have a cute little smooth bump like all the models in the magazines have, I just looked fat with giant boobs that nothing would fit over.
So I wore a lot of big shirts and jeans.
I was not going to pay a fortune for designer maternity wear that I only needed for a few months.
And I thought the maternity styles were hideous, too mumsy, or too revealing, nothing in between.
So I love this cute little top, and of course jeans, they're the best!
And I have a watch this week because you have to be on time for the million and one appointments you have when you're pregnant.

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Bump by Thea Smith featuring a filigree ring


  1. I just noticed we chose the same top!! Good taste I say ;)

  2. I have a maternity top that i bought when I was first pregnant, over three years ago- I still wear it all the time,it's one of my favorites! But people do ask me "Are you pregnant?" Hehe :D


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