Saturday, December 11, 2010

So Un-Australian

I'm so un-Australian because...

I don't like Summer

I don't like getting in the pool (once I'm in I'm fine, I just hate getting in)

I don't like wearing togs (that's what we call them in Queensland)

I don't like swimming at the beach (I'm never happy getting in that freezing cold, rough, salty water!)

I don't like sand blowing in my face at the beach

I don't like being in the sun

I don't like wearing sunscreen

I don't like wearing a hat

I don't like humidity

I don't like being sweaty

I don't like that it's usually too hot to enjoy Christmas

I don't like not being able to wear my hair down because it ends up soaking wet

I don't like mosquitoes

I don't like wearing sleeveless tops and shorts

I bet you like Summer, don't you?


  1. I LOVE summer. But I don't like the humidity, and I prefer the pool to the beach. I also could never lie out and tan myself (thank goodness, huh?). I just got too hot.

    But I do love it when it's warm, and I love wearing shorts and tops, and I love that the kids aren't wearing layers - less washing!


  2. I do love Summer. I love the beach and the pool... and swimming in cool, clean rivers.

    I do not like humidity though, and neither does my hair!

  3. There are some thing's I don't enjoy about summer.
    The mosquito's, wearing swimmers and a hat. The rest I like.
    ...Hot days having a drink (alcoholic drink) with a large fruit platter. Water fun with the kiddies, barbeques and the beach.


  4. I found myself nodding along. There are definitely things I don't like about summer but some I will tolerate.
    Refreshing honesty :)

  5. follower here!!!
    Love the blog.

    just have to say that I LOVE summer. I love the beach. I love salty beach water.
    LOL....I am a beach baby!!


  6. I don't like the sun, as opposed to not liking summer. In Ireland we don't have scalding hot summers though so I don't have to deal with it too often. We call them togs too:) Jen

  7. I love it, but only because I love variety & seasonality. (I love the changes. But give me a week of 40`c days and I am an evil bitch.)

  8. i can definitively check each of your dislikes for myself.
    oh that's right, i am NOT Australian.
    but i live in SE QLD too, and i am glad i am not the only one that thinks that summer here totally stinks!
    (if it wasn't for the floods i would totally cheer the rain..)

  9. I despise Summer.

    If I could I would live in perpetual winter/autumn. I'd move to England Setptember through to March, then move to say Tasmania for April through to August.

    Can you tell I love the cold weather?

    I totally live in the wrong climate AND country for what kind of weather I love.


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