Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aussie Polly

For today's Polly Dolly Challenge, Danimezza has set the theme as Australia Day.

Yesterday was Australia Day, and to be honest, we don't 'do' Australia Day.
It's just another public holiday for us.
So we did what we do on any normal weekend or public holiday, we visited my husband's parents at the Sunshine Coast.
Even though they do live near the beach, I'm not a big fan of the beach (in Summer), barbeques, or beer!
We drove past the beach and it just looked like one big yobbo fest to me.

We did have a swim in my mother-in-law's pool, we had our usual lunch of chicken and salads (not a prawn or pav in sight), went shopping (as usual), then we stopped at a quaint little country town on the way home for a drink (non-alcoholic) and the kids had a play in the playground.

My mother-in-law did buy Australia Day tattoos so we felt we had to put those on. But we did not have a matching set for our car....ugh...those things are hideous! I saw enough Australian flags yesterday to last a lifetime.

So anyway, here's my Australia Day Polly, and this week Polly is actually me!

Swimming Pool 12 x 12 Paper
$0.80 -

Roast Chicken

juice box

Lipton Ice Tea


  1. ok now i really want chicken!

  2. love it.
    that chicken looks so good!!!

  3. Well done on being so sun smart! :oP Off to check out the recently upgraded edition of this post. HAHAHA.


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