Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to School Butterflies

Today the Christmas tree trees are coming down.
Three Christmas trees seemed like such a good idea...until I have to take three down!
I always delay this inevitable moment for as long as possible because...
once the tree trees come down, it's time to think about...

Back to School!

I don't want to think about it, but it's unavoidable what with all the ads on TV and the merchandise front row and centre in the shops.
For as long as I can remember, whether I was in...

primary School
high School
my owns kids starting school...

my life seems to revolve around school,
and the butterflies that go with it.
I don't find new exciting, I find new scary!

I did have a few years reprieve when I resigned from teaching and then had my kids.
Four years, in fact, before my son started kindy.
Four glorious years where I could watch the ads and walk past the school bags, stationery, uniforms and lunch boxes in the shops and feel...nothing.
No butterflies, I loved that!

This year my 3 year old begins kindy.
I'm not exactly happy about that.
I was crying to my husband about it a few nights ago, sooking about not wanting to let her go.
She has been with me pretty much every second of the day for 3 and a half years.
We're always together.
I will miss her terribly!
*Cue lump in my throat*

But at least I have been through this before with my 6 year old boy, so I'm not ridiculously nervous about something totally new and unknown.
I just have butterflies....again.

And my big boy is going into Year 1, in a new classroom at the other end of the school, with a new teacher and some new classmates. So again...butterflies for him, and me!

How do you feel about 'Back to School'?
Do you love the advertising, shopping, preparing???
Or does it give you butterflies, like me??

Now I'm off to...

pick up the book order
wash and label new school uniforms
buy new kindy uniforms
buy new kindy bag and lunch box
cover and label books

Did I forget anything?

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  1. Oh that brought back so many memories. This is my first year in 14 years where I don't have to think about back to school. I love the feeling, but reading your post reminded me of those early school days which I did love. Good luck to your little munchkins. xxx

  2. It is all still a novelty for me Thea. One going into year two, one in year one and one in kindy. All three with uniforms, huge school bags and new lunchboxes.

    The novelty, I suspect, will wane in a few years time.

    (I found the BEST iron on name tape lables. So sad this this makes me excited.)

  3. i get terrified every year. thus i'm not thinking about it till feb. luckily i don't have to - benifit of vic school hols...many hugs much empathy.

  4. Hey! Just dropped in via the blog hop!! Don't have kids - but feel your pain through my BFF!

    Have a great weekend!!


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