Friday, January 28, 2011

Kate's Wedding Dress

Two of my greatest passions are weddings and the royal family.
So when the two come!

The first royal wedding that I can remember was Charles & Diana's (and wasn't that a doozy?).  I have books and videos and love to study every minute detail. I've loved all of them, from...

Prince Charles & Diana Spencer
Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones
Prince Frederick & Mary Donaldson

Yes, even Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles

Peter Phillips & Autumn Kelly the ones that were before my time...

Princess Elizabeth & Philip Mountbatten

Princess Margaret & David Armstrong-Jones
Prince Rainier & Grace Kelly

Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips
(The only one I didn't love so much!)

If you love royal weddings as much as me if that's possible you might enjoy this...

Less than 24 hours after the engagement of William and Kate Catherine was announced I began wondering who would design 'the' dress? What will it look like?
I have so many images and designs running around in my head, I thought I'd get some of the ideas out and see how close I am.

I think her dress will be ivory, silk satin or all over lace.
It will have sleek, clean lines.
I don't think it will be strapless, unless she wears a lace/sheer bolero or capelet over it.
It will of course have a long train, perhaps some embroidery somewhere.
I don't think there will be gathers or ruching anywhere on the dress.

And because I love playing on Polyvore so much, I decided to put together a wedding ensemble for Kate Catherine whatever.
Of course, her wedding outfit will be much more grand, as it should be, it has to fill the Abbey you know!
But I think she and her bridesmaids (I wonder who they will be) would look regal, graceful, elegant and stunning in something like this...

Simple lace wedding gown. All royal brides need incredibly long trains, so a lace detachable train would be beautiful on this dress. Her accessories and bridesmaids are in sapphire blue to match her amazing engagement ring. And I love the sapphire blue flats which she could slip on after the formalities for dancing the night away with her prince.

What do you think?
Can you see her in this?
What would you choose?
If you're a Polyvore or Polly Dolly Challenge fan, I've added a linky if you want to add your ideas.

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  1. Thea, like you I am really looking forward to the Royal wedding. But I seriously think they need to hire you as an advisor for it as well!

  2. I remember watching charles and Di's wedding. I loved Di so much as a ten year old!

    The only other royal wedding I have watched was when Mary married Frederick... being Tasmanian and all!

    I will watch this one though, am dying to see the dress!

    We'll have to have a twitter royal wedding party!

  3. You, Thea, are more English than the English. I love that you are so seriously in love with the concept of royal weddings.


  4. My fav's from your collage are Grace Kelly, Princess Margaret and I love Princess Mary. I fashioned a jacket for my wedding dress due to that fabulous dress.

    Loving the polvore too. Excellent taste as always.

  5. Oooo I'm with you Thea, I LOVE a royal wedding! I too remember sitting and watching every second of Charles & Diana's wedding... even at the age of 4, I was totally obsessed with brides & weddings. I really like the idea of sapphire blue shoes, gorgeous! In fact all the pieces you've chosen look delightful. I agree with Sarah and think you should at least get a gig as an official royal watcher for the event :o)

  6. Hmm, I wonder if Kate would be allowed to wear a strapless dress? I think she would look gorgeous in a mermaid-style dress with a lovely long fishtail!

  7. The reception dress looks like the wedding dress with the lace removed and a belt added.


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