Thursday, January 13, 2011

Polly, the Anti-Fashionista...for Lori

This week's Polly Dolly challenge is for Lori.

Visit Danimezza to see how you can help.

The challenge this week is to show how we really dress.

I am sadly an anti-fashionista mum, like Lori (see her post here),
dreaming of being a fashionista mum who, as Lori says...

...look like they just stepped out of a magazine, and they wear this stuff all the time. Because they do.

The truth: When I do the school drop off I grab something I can throw on quickly and is comfortable, usually a t-shirt, often black, and some long shorts. I wear thongs to walk up the hill to school, my scent de jour is plain old deodorant and I can't leave without black eyeliner. That's it!

The dream: Oh to have the figure and cashola to be a fashionista mum. Wouldn't the school mum's have a fit if I turned up in this!?

Purple linen long shorts
18 GBP -
Purple shorts »

Bobbi Brown Kohl Eye Liner
$20 -

$95 -


  1. Love it! I didn't do the dream, but love yours =)

  2. I can't lie - I prefer the reality to the dream. The Dream just looks so damned complicated. And time consuming. But pretty, it's true. Clearly I am also an anti-fashionista. Sight

  3. Love the dream dress :)

  4. Loving the school run outfit. But I'm like Allison. Even if I had the money, I doubt I would take the time to perfect the look. And I would probably drop coffee down the front before I even got to school. Sigh.

  5. i really like those shorts....
    and the dream dress. =]

  6. Aw hun! Such style. I adore your dream set.


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