Thursday, February 17, 2011

Death of the Dairy Industry

This was the headline on the news tonight.
My heart sank.
Please say it isn't so!
As most of you would know, I come from a farming family.
I blogged about it not long Please take a look if you haven't already.
My family went out of dairying after 3 generations about 10 years ago.
Just recently my brother convinced my dad and uncle to give it another go.
It's in his blood, he missed it.
And now the supermarket milk price war is another looming threat that he, nor any other farmer, deserves.

My brother, Greg, has written about it from a farmer's point of view on his own blog.
It is here, please read it.
And this was on Sunrise recently and may give you further insight into the whole mess.

I don't know if the consumer can do anything, really.
We are all strapped at the moment, trying to save ourselves a few cents here and there.
It's not us, it's the big companies that need to STOP IT!!
This is the livelihood of so many families.
This is not a game.

If you took the time to read, I thank you.
Just knowing the real story is important.

Do not believe the supermarket commercials!
The farmers WILL be affected!

The family farm


  1. My Dad's family are dairy farmers too. Or were. The only remaining living Uncle switched to beef a few years back.

    Very, very sad. (Wise Woman made Grumblebum give up the farm and move to town when they married.)

  2. Just read your brother's post Thea. It's disgusting. I hate that our society is one that only cares for profit and those who don't are generally the little guys at the bottom of the food chain. Aaaargh!

  3. This is why I only shop at independent supermarkets. It's disgusting behaviour by Woolworths, but even worse by Coles who are owned by Wesfarmers.

  4. I am heading over to read your links after I comment here. I recently found some farm theme link parties that always welcome people to join. Info is on my blog.


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