Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eeyewww...That's Disgusting!

This is a favourite phrase of my children.
Pretty much whenever they are presented with a new food.
And as maddening as it is, I know they have a point because I remember saying the exact same thing when I was a kid.
We were a farming family.
We had pretty basic food.
Fortunately my taste matured and developed and I love a lot of foods that I thought were disgusting right up until my 20s or 30s even.

smoked salmon


brie cheese

blue cheese





There are some foods that I still think of as disgusting. Foods that I have tried or am not particularly eager to try any time soon.



 There are probably loads more but I'm starting to feel....icky in the tummy.

What are your 'disgusting' foods?
Do you have any?


  1. Bananas and sultanas!
    Exotic I can do, but these two......when pregnant the smell of bananas would make me heave. Not good in a classroom!

  2. A lot of stuff makes my stomach churn. These are my big ones:

  3. KFC chicken - nearly makes me pewk!

  4. Mushrooms I swear they are the most heinous things on the planet! ergh hate them!

    Also dried fruit all dried fruit- why take something BEAUTIFUL and fresh like a grape or apricot or crunchy, like an apple and suck every bit of juice & sunshine and LIFE out of it so that it looks and feels like boogers?! I will never understand it.

    We have a rule that TC must at least haev 3 tries of new foods and actually put it on her tongue & taste it so she can describe why she doesn't like it.. once she started to think about why she disliked the food the less she actually disliked. xxpt

  5. my eeewwww food is offal. no can do.

  6. The other week, a girl I work with was talking about how good beef jerky is. "Ewwwwww", I said. Admittedly, I've never even tried beef jerky, but the idea of dried meat? No thanks. Then she called me a snob for saying I didn't like the idea of beef jerky!! Since when does disliking food make me a snob?!

    Pate is another ewww food that I have to agree with you on. Churned up liver? Pass.


  7. I don't like awful either, I mean offal. ;-) I do, however, like pate. Go figure.

    Runny eggs don't appeal, except the Cadbury kind.

    And fish with bones in it like anchovies, sardines and whitebait are not on the menu at our house.

    I think that's it. I like all the other foods that you have recently acquired a taste for. Some of them I only started liking as an adult also.

    I hear that the reason we don't like those foods as kids is because when we are younger we have thousands more taste buds than when we get older.

    I like PT's idea about making them try something three times and describe why they don't like it. I want to try that with Mstr5 as he is a bit fussy. Mstr7 will eat anything that doesn't move. Oh, but he does like jelly so I guess he likes anything.

  8. I love pate. I can eat kidneys, but not other offal.
    Anchovies are disgusting. As is smoked salmon. Yuck.
    Actually, seafood in general.

    And mushrooms... ick.

    When children taste a new food it can seem strange and it's recommended that they need to try it at least 10 times before than can really know if they do or don't like it. I always ask my kids to try food, even if in the past they have not liked it, they are pretty good eaters now.

  9. Mushrooms *vomit* they don't come in my house and I will not cook them ever.
    Also, any kind of offal is gross.

    I also really don't like fresh tomato. I'll eat sundried tomatoes happily, have tomato soup and cook with them, but put a piece of cut up tomato near me and i'm gagging. I think it's the texture?

    My husband refused to eat sushi until I took him to the sushi train, he loves it now and begs to go at least once a week!


  10. Food, one of my fave subjects..
    Love; Chocolate, most sorts except the Cheapo advent calendar kind.
    Brie, camembert - especially with fig paste or dried apricots and crackers - yum, preferably served with a glass of wine or two.
    A good curry - yum.
    Mango Sorbet - on a hot night
    Bacon and Eggs cooked on the BBQ by my hubby after a big night .
    Chips - hot and crunchy .
    Avocado, so many ways to eat it, especially with cracked pepper.
    Hate; Offal, brains any of those bits and Black pudding - eek
    Blue cheese; as a cheese lover cant come to the party with this one unfortunately, though i do fear i am missing out
    Jerky - yes dried meat doesnt appeal...
    Great post Thea - thanks for sharing , now im feeling hungry :)

  11. Meat. And Fish. Can't eat them anymore - being vegetarian for ten plus years the three times I've tried fish my body has not been happy...
    What else - hmmm- Actually illness inducing - not any really...I'm thinking, but all I keep coming up with are meat or fish based products.
    Oh - raw egg - raw egg in milkshakes or eggflips..there - managed it...ewwwwwwwww

    We have the must try twice rule too. Although I think I'm lucky 'cause the kids don't react that way to food much - they'll just say they don't like it, or it tastes too strong. No ewwwws from them (or not very often)

  12. My yucky poo poo food is undercooked pumpkin and over cooked broccoli. Undercooked pumpkin is all grainy and revolting. Over cooked broccoli gives off a terrible smell. Can't do either of these. In saying this can you tell I will eat pretty much anything as long as it is cooked right! xx

  13. My number one disgusting food is bread - soft, squishy, soggy bread. The thought of it makes me feel sick.

  14. With the exception of olives and chilli... pretty much all the foods noted in your list... YUCKO! I still have quite immature tastes I think :o/

  15. Mush. Anything that feels like mush in my mouth is disgusting.

    I'm the same, grew up in the country on a meat and three veg diet, I can still remember my head exploding when I went to my first Thai restaurant. It's so different now, my girlfriends who are on farms are gourmet cooks, and my own children eat butter chicken and green chicken curry on a weekly basis.

    I remember mince on toast on Sunday nights....



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