Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's The Go?

So there's been a bit happening lately...understatement, anyone?
Personal tragedies, out of control weather worldwide, economic collapse, political unrest and a general feeling of instability and uncertainty from a lot of people.

What's the go?

I know nothing about astrology (other than being obsessed about which star sign my future husband needed to be when I was in my teens), but I'm guessing something is afoot.
I remember reading about retrograde planets (still, no idea what this means) and I'm wondering if there's a bit of that going on out there?
Is something misaligned?

If you know about this kind of stuff, can you please shed some light?
When will things get better?
It's gotta be soon, right? RIGHT??


  1. Understatement of the year (century?!?!)....can't wait to see what others who know about this stuff might have to say.

  2. I'm afraid I have no idea, hon. But what I do know is that Qld has had it very, very hard this summer. I feel terrible for everyone. xxx

  3. I'd love to know too - having someone or something to blame would be nice!

  4. End times... it's all in Revelations... Jesus is near :) xx

  5. I'm with Michelle. It's in Matthew, Mark, Luke, Thessalonians & Revelations. All written about centuries ago. Jesus is coming back. We are in the End Times.

  6. Or the world could just be doing what it always does and will always do - going through ups and downs, the only difference is now they're happening close to home so you're more aware of them.

    And I don't believe in God and all that but hey if the end times are a comin, best I go sign up for that car I could never afford, may as well go out in style!


  7. I bloody hope so Thea. I am exhausted by 2011 already. xx


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