Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Right then.

So the ABC...or Aussie Bloggers on in little over a week.

I am not going.
I don't think I'm a proper blogger.
But more than that, my personality won't allow me to go.

I've used money...
I've used not getting a ticket in time...
I've said 'next year is my year'...

But the truth
And I know a lot of you think you are, too.

BUT, if you have a ticket,
if you are going,
you are not chicken.
You are brave, you are worthy, you are a proper blogger.

And I sincerely hope with everything I have that you have a fabulous time.

I only ask one thing...
That you report back and tell me everything....EVERYTHING you hear??


  1. I am so sad you aren't coming. I know you would have loved it. Truly you would have. By the way - you are a proper blogger , I am the one who isn't. So there xx

  2. Awwww. It sucks. I would have gone if I could have funded the trip. Sigh. Great post. A bit self depricating but well written.

    Speaking of which coffee soooooon!?

  3. For you.. I will do a report
    for you.. I will take lots of pics to show
    for you...I will get some goodies
    For you... I will want you to come to the ABC next year wherever it's held because YOU

    Thanks for being "there" lots.. And please have a read of my "yes/no/yes" journey to ABC on

    Love you xxxxx

  4. awww honey!

    not coming to ABC or not feeling brave doesn't make you not a proper blogger. You blog, you are part of the blogger community, you are definitely a proper blogger. Going or not to a conference doesn't change that. xx

  5. Oh Thea. You and I have chatted about this before my sweet girl.

    Firstly, yes, you ARE a proper blogger. Truly. Yours has, and always will be, a blog haven for me.

    And the only way to not be chicken about such things as the conference is to make a committment to YOURSELF to get there next year.


  6. What are you talking about, that you're not a proper blogger?! Pfft! And I'm hearing you! I tell you, even though I'm one of the organisers, I am seriously petrified! Much to people's disabelief, I really am very shy.

    I would have loved to meet you there! Next year for sure ;) xx

  7. Oh honey, there is no proper blogger! There is just you and me and the rest of us writing our little hearts out. You are beautiful and I am sad I won't get to meet you. You better be there next year, my dear! I will blog my fingers off about all of it. You be missed by so many of us. You are a part of this big, wonderful group of women -- don't ever doubt that. x

  8. Trying to work out what a "proper" blogger is? If you are not one then you have just cut out quite a few of us below the bar you set.

    And why not start small - come to the Qld bloggers meet this Saturday! Please?

  9. Sadly enough I know exactly what you are saying.
    Maybe I am just telling myself this, but I am pretty, 100%, fully, sort of sure that I would be going if it was being held in Melbourne. Maybe.
    I will not be there, I will be home, sipping tea, maybe eating ice cream and watching all the action online through my favourite bloggers. Wanna join me? xx

  10. Oh darling (and yes you are a proper blogger!) I wish you were coming. You could have held my hand on the way there ... I am a chicken also, and will be as nervous as anything and will probably make myself sick with anxiety before I even leave home.
    But I am going and will be happy to fill you in later. Maybe next year? xoxo

  11. I think we need to seriously lobby for Brissie next year.

    Pull a few heartstrings about helping the flood ravaged tourism areas...

  12. My first reaction to your post was "I'm not a proper blogger, either!".

    I'm going for me, because I want to, because, for once, I don't want to be sensibe and cautious, I want to take a risk and have fun (hopefully!)

    I'm sorry we won't see you there.... But as you said, there is always next year...

  13. I am not even going to DISCUSS whether you are a proper blogger. Pfft! I WISH I was as proper a blogger as you. You have commitment and I can always find you here sharing your gorgeous personality with us. Oops, I think I just discussed it. Bottom line is we love you.

    I'm not going to the ABC either. We just couldn't afford another trip after all the unexpected travel we have had. Even if we could, I think I would have really had to talk myself into it, because I too am petrified to meet anyone IRL. There is a tweet up this evening in Cairns and do you think I am going within a 10 km radius of it? No way, no how. Me = chicken.

    So this year, we can live vicariously through others, you and I. And next year? Now that hubby semi-supports my blog, you can bet I will be putting myself out of my comfort zone and getting my butt there!

  14. You lot are gorgeous.

  15. I am sad you are not coming. I really want to meet you. And pffft I say pffft! DO you have a blog, or three? Yes. DO you blog on them? Yes. Then you are so a propper blogger. Hello? You were one of the first blogs I read and commented on, you were one of my first twitter tweeps, and you always comment, and chat.

    I really hope to meet you one day, and I really hope you come to next years conference. I'll hold you hand. Promise xxx

  16. Of course you're a proper blogger!
    I don't get over here very often, but I always enjoy my visits, even though I don't always leave a comment.
    I'm a HUGE chicken, really hate getting out of my comfort zone, but I'm going to the conference!
    I want to be in on the excitement that is THE VERY FIRST EVER AUSBLOGCON. Plus I really want to meet all the friends I've made in blogland.
    I'm terrified that I won't be able to hold a conversation, because I find talking to people very hard.
    I'm also hoping I remember enough of what goes on to be able to blog about it.

  17. I wish you were coming Thea, I really do. I understand what you are saying, about being chicken, about not feeling like a proper blogger, all of it. I feel like that too. I feel like a bit of an outsider, looking in through the glass at all the people who are "doing it properly" and being friends while they are. I struggle to ram in the time to blog.
    Anyway - here's the mail - YOU are a proper blogger, YOU will be missed and YOU will be coming next year xx

  18. Oh my God of course you are a proper blogger!

    Now you already know how I feel about you not coming. If you and Ami were there it would be the perfect occasion for me, and I'll miss not meeting you.

    One day my lovely, day!


  19. I'm chicken too, but I'll go next year if you will ...


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