Monday, March 21, 2011

It Won't Be Like This For Long

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!

I'm at home, as I am most days.
I'm watching Oprah, as I do only if my little Miss 3 is sleeping, and she is.
And I saw this...

This is what scares me, saddens me, terrifies me the most about being a mum.
My two beautiful children growing up and leaving...
I guess when that time comes, and it is still a long way away, I'll cope.
I have to right?
But right now, how do I get rid of this lump in my throat?

PS This is Darius Rucker, if he looks familiar to you he used to be the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. Great song, huh?


  1. I thought it would be hard to let go of my oldest daughter (23 yrs old now) when she left about 5 years ago.

    Yet with the landline/mobile phone/email/texting/skype ect it was much easier to let her go then I thought it would be.

    Hopefully you might find this as well.

    I also know of kids when they have left the nest have ended up living in the same street or a few streets over from their parents this might happen to you.

    But sweetie for the moment cherish every moment you have with them.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. Well, my dearest Thea...most kids these days are well in to their late 20s before they leave home..some are older. So, you know what? I reckon by then, you'll be shoving them out the door.'re so cute worrying about this stuff. You just love your kids.


  3. Thank you for the song - I'm feeling this so much right now too - My girl in HIGH SCHOOL next year - too fast it is all too fast...

  4. so important to love the moment...
    I was just telling mine today.. that when they are 30.. and decide to leave home... ;)

  5. At the time, it seems it'll last forever. Then all of a sudden I'm looking at my toddler wondering when she transformed from a baby to a little girl. Sigh.

    Photos, memories, enjoying the moment - that's it. And trusting that the future will bring even more happy times.

  6. Cute. It's interested reading about it from this perspective, being a newleywed and dealing with inlaws who are finding it difficult to let go, even though we've been together for eight years - we just want space to create our lives. It's not that we dont love and want to share with our parents because we do, but we just dont want to feel smothered.
    I think if you are close with your babies growing up then they will never LEAVE you, they will still keep in touch and include you in their lives, but they need space to blossom just as you did, so you just need give them space to be able to bloom.
    Mrs Petal xx


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