Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Saturday My Pretty

On Saturdays I post three photos
of pretty things that I have taken during the week.
Because I love pretty things...
This week I'm going with a green theme in honour of St Patrick's Day.
Here are some pretty yummy green things growing in our garden...
Basil, how I love thee!

Vietnamese mint, seriously yum.

Baby tomatoes, will be seriously yum soonish.



  1. Loving your green theme today. I haven't tried growing Vietnamese Mint, is it as prolific as normal mint?

  2. Not sure, Christie.
    First time we've grown it, it's in a pot. And it tastes nothing like normal mint, not minty at all. More like basil or coriander.

  3. So many things to love - for starters the clumpy basil.

  4. Your basil is lush! What a gorgeous plant. I also think basil is divine... fresh cooked in pasta... Ohhhh stop it! :o)


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