Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Do You Read?

Last night on Twitter I tweeted...

To read or to knit?? If only I had 4 hands and 4 eyes......

I had two similar replies suggesting I needed audio books.
And my sis said she wanted 2 brains and 4 eyes, so she could read and write at the same time!
But the audio book thing got me thinking...and you know how I like to think!

Does an audio book defeat the purpose of reading?
I guess it depends what your purpose of reading is.

If you just want to know the story, then an audio book would be fine.
But that is not why I love to read.
Of course, I love the story.

But I also love sitting or lying in a cozy spot, in a quiet place away from everyone.
I love the weight of the book, the black words on the white pages, the smell of the book.
I love turning the pages and using a bookmark.
I love closing it at the end, although that is always a bittersweet moment.

I love reading, doing it myself, with my own eyes, using my own voice in my head as I become immersed in another world...a world of silence, yet full of voices and noise.

I don't want to listen to a book,
I want to read a book.

If I want to listen to something I'd put on some music or the TV or a movie.
Listening, to me, is not the same as reading.

What do you think?
Why do you read?


  1. I love to read because I think it is quite difficult to write, and I am in awe of pretty much anyone who can!

    However, to be an amazing book, there has to be something new to me, an idea, a character or a setting, so that I can learn about the world, or be swept away by the magic of imagination. And it has to be written well, with twists and turns, poetry, action, deep thoughts, memorable descriptions and a sense of hope. It also helps if I can race through turning pages quickly, dying to find out what happens! (I don't ask for much do I?)

    Not a day goes by when I don't have a book in my hand. xx

  2. Audio books are an addition to the way you can enjoy a book. I used to listen to them at one time when I was ironing and I always encourage my daughters to listen to them when I wanted them to try and go to sleep rather than reading a book, it worked. Also have been know to listen to them on long car journeys.
    However as you say Thea they will never ever replace the pleasure of reading a real book. I feel exactly the same about ebooks they have their place but that is all!

  3. My Great Auntie (aged 99!) has no sight left these days and has had to resort to audio books. She is not happy. It is just not the same.

    I am OK with audio books in the car on a long journey but that's about it.

    I have a Kindle. I don't even like that much. Books are just.... better.


  4. I love reading, love the feeling of turning pages, the weight of the book the design of the jackets (book covers).

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  5. I'm with you, Thea. I have no desire to get an e-reader (although I do see their benefit in some situations) and audio books have never appealed. There's nothing like curling up with a good book - it's such a comfort.

  6. Im with you Thea, i love the whole aspect of reading, the pages, the smell, even the scrap of paper i use for a hasty bookmark. There is nothing like walking into a book shop and inhaling the book aroma :)I could and do spend ages in there, perusing ...

  7. I borrowed some Harry Potter audio books from the library recently, and they were great listening to in the car to work. Especially when read by Stephen Fry :)

    I read books on my iPhone while on the treadmill at the gym. But if I'm at home I'll read the hard copy.

    Teneale x

  8. yes, I love to read for the same reasons you do .. but now I also read novels for research to know the market.
    Sometimes my eyes get tired so listening to the odd book gives my eyes a break.

  9. I love books. I love book shops. I can't imagine handing over my books for audio versions or Kindle versions.

    Give me an actual book any day!



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