Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Break...From the Farm to the Beach...Best of All Worlds

I'm always telling my kids how lucky they are to have one set of grandparents on a farm, and the other at the beach.  We always have somewhere beautiful to getaway to and family get togethers are always fun with lots of things to do.

This was our Easter break...
in pictures...lots and lots of pictures...

Playing on tractors

Two cousins on two tractors

The robots doing their thing

I love the babies

There are not usually ones of this colour on the farm!

And I love the big ones

My old primary school...700m from my old home

Goats and cows

Mum forgot to warn me about these on the top verandah! They are fake!!


A beautiful morning

My husband's favourite mountain to climb.
Yes, he has been right to the top, many times!

The dam...that cows drink from and walk in and ducks swim on...
of course you wouldn't swim in it...

...or would you?

The kids are loving it despite the green slimy water and duck poo!

Yes, this is what it looks like...cow poo not duck poo!

My boy

Then these rained on us

So it was a quick bike ride home

My brother's house...looks a little like my dream home, huh?

This was the view from my bedroom window for 18 years

Behind a dew laden cobweb

A misty morning

Time for a tractor ride

Visiting the cousin's house, and Timmy

After burning the rubbish you paint yourself with the ashes...don't you?

The ducks refused to pose

And now...we're at the beach

A busy Easter Saturday on the water

My view, lying under a tree....ahhhhhhh

Fishing...not us, other people

Building dams

A picture perfect day

Easter Sunday at the surf beach

It's not too cold!

"This is fun!"


Catching a wave


  1. Thank YOU. I just experienced that lovely holiday with you.
    Beautiful countryside where you grew up. I can see why you love it.
    And then to the beach.
    The kids are lucky..
    Great photos Thea... and I love a good look-see.
    Love the bloggy update & the Wedding Countdown..XX

  2. WOW! That looks just about perfect Thea... no actually, it looks PERFECT!
    Love these pics of your Easter weekend, you're right, your little ones are so lucky to experience both ends of the geographical spectrum. Just lovely.
    I couldn't pick just one shot I liked the most, so I'll just say ALL OF THEM :o)

  3. Beautiful photos - looks like lots and lots of fun! x

  4. I enjoyed that trip to the farm with you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What glorious memories for the kids and for you. Thank you for sharing

  6. looks like you had a lovely time away.


  7. What an awesome weekend you had! Thank you for sharing these awesome photos.

    I also spent some time on the weekend at the beach. Who would think it could ever be beach weather in Australia and the UK at the same time!


  8. Those photos are divine - both places look like so much fun. Must admit I am more of a farm girl though. and those fake snakes - scared me they did! x

  9. As you say one set of grandparents in the country and one at the beach, perfect :)


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