Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After Thoughts...

So after I tend to do a LOT of...about my last post, Thoughts, I've had this thought pop into my head...

If your child can already read, write and work with numbers pretty well...does primary school become more about socialization than education?

That's it.
Short and sweet.


  1. Man, my head is still spinning from reading the last post and the comments.

  2. Looking back now I did not give enough credit to the friendships my child had formed by the end of Year 1. I really thought they couldn't possibly be that close. Luckily for us? her? we still get to see these friends regularly so, although initially it was tough for her she hasn't suffered greatly and two out of three have changed schools anyway (so she has learnt that life is ever changing in some ways as well).

    But I still believe it is about education as well as socialisation.

    As Mark said, 'I don't believe it is necessary for a gifted child to be in a gifted program. Just one which is advanced enough to keep him/her challenged.'

    I think it works the other way too but I'm getting long winded so won't go into it. But I have seen it from both sides at the school we are at now and both ends of the spectrum do very well there.

    Sorry. Tried to keep it short. *blush*

  3. Absolutely! At that age, learning how to socialize is as important to their future as any bit of language skills,science or math. (One of the reasons I have a problem with home schooling.)


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