Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting People

I don't like meeting new people.
Never have.
Never will.

It kind of stuns and amazes me all at the same time when people say that one of their interests are...

meeting new people!

I mean....WHAT??


This is on my list of....

Things I hate!

If I'm starting a new job...I hate meeting new people.
If I'm moving to a new town..I hate meeting new people.

To be totally contradictory...I love making new friends.
But that's different...right?

There are a lot of people I feel I "know" through blogging and Twitter that I would LOVE to meet.
Because I feel I already know them....a little at least.

I just hate the completely new feeling.
I have no idea about you and you have no idea about me.

That's a mine field!

Or is it not?

I'd love to hear how you deal with it if you love it...
'cause I'm clueless!


  1. I do enjoy it. I get nervous, but I love the possibility of meeting really great people who might inspire / entertain / challenge me. Of course, you also run the risk of meeting not-so-great people, but I find that's pretty rare.

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  3. Interesting turn of phrase- 'meeting new people' or 'making new friends'. The second implies no risk-taking to my mind, that appears to be the part you wish to avoid. I know what you mean, I can relate to that for sure. Meeting tweeps is just the last stage in the done deal, isn't it? :)

    (oops, doubled up before)

  4. I am one major contradiction myself. By nature I am a very shy person, though I learned to overcome it in my senior year in high school. But it is an effort even to today. But, having said that, I love meeting new people ... if the situation is right and is not a pressure setting. That is one of the reason I love meeting people online - it's on my terms. And I have met some of the most wonderful people online. (I met you didn't I?)

    But under the right conditions I am a very social person. Under the wrong situations, I stand in the corner waiting to be able to move on.

    But then, as shy as I really am ... I love public speaking so go figure.

  5. Yep, I'm with you. It makes me self conscious all over again. Like when I was an insecure, shy but laughing too loud teenager.
    Meeting new people is fantastic after the fact - once you know them and they know (and accept)you.
    I wish I had the skills and balls to look new people in the eye, introduce myself confidently and begin a brilliant conversation. I don't.

  6. Maybe it's the setting that creates the discomfort. Like, I don't like to strike up conversations with people on a train because I'd rather read a book :), but I love meeting uni students who do pracs in my classroom. I have also just started doing party paln because I really love shopping and getting freebies. I've had to go to the houses of people I probably wouldn't normally choose as friends, and been pleasantly surprised at how welcoming, hospitable, organised and grateful they are to me helping them to have a fun and rewarding time. When you go to craft markets or a shop, and buy something you love, don't you make small talk with the seller about how much you love their stuff? It might seem scary to open the line of conversation, but just start with compliments, "I like your hair today." "That top is a gorgeous colour." "I can't get over this rain!" That sort of thing is a way to start. But hold on, aren't you a teacher? Didn't you welcome 20 children and their 40 parents at the beginning of each year? You've done this before, you just forget! xx

  7. I am very similar. I'm actually scared to meet new people, especially on my own. I wish I had the strength to do it because I desperately need to widen my social circle!

  8. Haha Thea, you make me laugh. But I totally understand what you mean. I find meeting new people can be completely awkward, scary, daunting etc.

    At the same time it can be exciting, and can open up so many new friendships and connections, but I am a shy person and often find it seriously hard. Once I know them a bit better it's fine, but in the beginning, I'm all...
    How do I introduce myself?
    What do I talk about?
    What do I do with my hands? Do I keep them by my side?
    What if they don't like my hair?
    Am I smiling too much?
    Nodding too much?
    Talking enough?
    Fark. I need a drink!

    There are times when I wish I was extroverted and outgoing, but I think I've accepted that I'm not. When I meet new people, I'll either connect with them or I won't. I just try to be myself, smile and be friendly. xxx

  9. I think I'm similar to Mark who commented above - I'm a strange mix of very shy and incredibly outgoing, and also enjoy public speaking. I'm ok with networking and business events that require talking to strangers, but more nervous in social ones, I think. It's strange!

  10. You are funny!
    I enjoy meeting new people.. especially when I click with someone straight away. fun fun fun ... and exciting!

  11. It's the ridiculous small talk I hate. I just have a low tolerance for chatting about drivel.

    I like what Twitchy said about meeting tweeps though!

  12. Totally depends on the situation. If it's a one-off, dinner with people I don't know kinda situation, I'm not that keen. (Although, often I surprise myself and really enjoy it!) After I met my first virtual person IRL (Megan Blandford!) I was hooked. I love meeting bloggers!

    And you know, without a doubt, I would LOVE to meet you IRL, Thea. It's gonna happen...only a matter of time. ;)


  13. I totally get this Thea. Though I do love making new friends too... and you kinda need to meet new people to make new friends, so it's a bit confusing.
    What I do find a turn off is 'trying' too hard to meet people, just to appear popular. I think alot of people do this. Facebook is a prime example of it. Seriously, how many people honestly have upwards of 100 genuine friends... or in my niece's case 1000 friends!? I know people who have met someone on a contiki tour or at a concert and become friends with them on Facebook straight away, true stories! That is taking meeting new people too far. Great thought provoking post :o)

  14. I don't really like meeting new people. Not because I'm nervous or worried if they'll like me... mainly because I'm not really interested in them! My partner is the opposite - he will start up an uninvited conversation with anyone - customer service people, checkout chicks, petrol station attendants, people in lines... he's so friendly it's infuriating!

  15. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities, interesting thoughts today as I feel as bloggers we meet new people every day.


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