Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrity Polly - Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge

Danimezza has Polly dressing in the style of her favourite Celebrity this week.

Polly's favourite celebrity at the moment is The Duchess of Cambridge. On tour with Prince William at the moment in Canada, Catherine is absolutely gorgeous. Her style is understated, conservative, tasteful and considered. She never puts a foot wrong. Here is Polly's homage to Catherine.

Celebrity - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

This fun challenge is the brain child of Danimezza...
Click on the button to play along.

Fendi dress
$2,870 -

Christian Louboutin leather pumps
$775 -

Mulberry clutch handbag
$650 -

Hoorsenbuhs toggle bracelet
$3,500 -

Jamie Wolf pave earrings
$1,800 -

Jacques Vert feather hat
£99 -

Tom Ford Blush Nude Lip Color
£36 -

Chantecaille Kalimantan Fragrance
$175 -


  1. She is just so beautiful and amazing style!
    Beautiful set.

  2. YOU STOLE MY CELEBRITY,lol. What is it with you and I? Think maybe we were twins, seperated at birth. I'm the fat, ugly, sick twin, born probably several years before..but other than that..could be? <3

  3. That set is perfect for Kate ( i still think Kate suits her better ). She just gets everything so " right " doesnt she?

  4. Fantastic set, it really captures Kates style!

  5. The 7yo asked tonight, 'Why is there SO much interest about William and Kate?' I told him to get used to it. ;

    I think her clothing choices are gorgeous, as are yours! I love that she's not afraid to re-wear stuff. She's practical. LOVING that!


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