Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zara Phillips' Wedding Dress

Here comes another bride.
I get goosesbumps every time I see a bride.
And so I did again when I watched this...

Isn't she beautiful?

Well, every bride is, isn't she?
Even if she does get some things a bit wrong.
Just like every baby is beautiful...I'm not going to be telling any mother that she has an ugly baby!!

So, OK, Zara did get a few things wrong.
Her hair was wrong.
The colour of her dress was wrong, it was too white for her colouring.
The style wasn't flattering.
And it was a smidge too long.

I think every girl should look more beautiful than she has ever looked before on her wedding day.
And I think Zara has looked better, lots of times.
Like at William and Kate's wedding, for example.

But I did love her tiara, her bouquet, and her smile.
She certainly was a radiant bride, and as long as she's happy, that's all that matters.

Zara Phillips (Princess Anne's daughter and the granddaughter of the Queen) and Mike Tindall were married at 3pm on the 30th July in Edinburgh.

I wish Zara and Mike every happiness.

PS  Yes, I'm back already! That must have been the shortest blog break in the history of blog breaks!!   Thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments and emails for me. Seems I was sooking for nothing. In future when I have no comments I will just assume that everyone is still reading...even if you're not. ;)


  1. I love this! How did I miss all this? Every time I see Diana's boys I smile/cry - I love them to pieces. I love the way Harry comes almost bounding up to Wills and Kate...
    Big smiles from me.

  2. I also love the bouquet and the smile ... but I NEED the tiara. Just to wear around.

  3. They both look radiant - not like poor Princess Charlene of Monaco. What a farce.

  4. I agree - what a contrast to the expressions of Princess Charlene. Zara looks radiantly happy!

  5. I love all the cheers as different famous people hop out of the cars! Very sweet. The dress isn't very flattering and she waddles in it rather than glides. But the tiara and veil look pretty. Maybe she should have had her hair down, because in some shots she looks quite masculine.

    As for William, I ADORE him, but can someone please get him onto Lamo??

    By the way, I'm not usually this bitchy, but, hey, they're rich, they can afford to have people make them look perfect! xx

  6. Thanks so much for posting this! I have not seen any news coverage or pics of the wedding all day. Love a wedding, whomever is getting married!

  7. That's the thing I love about Zara, she's never been about being royalty or wanting the limelight. She doesn't look regal, she looks happy. Like a bride, not a princess. I don't think she has ever used her title?

  8. Le Sigh. I *knew* I could count on you to do a wedding wrap up. :D

    I didn't love the dress (though I did love the little sheer caplet sleeves. LOVED them, and the tiara and veil).

    I think it's hard to follow Catherine's dress. Or really, that entire wedding.

    Know what I really loved though. That the best man had a black eye! That kind of sums up how much more relaxed and casual this wedding was. Just an intimate family affair with the people they loved.

    Imagine if Harry had shown up at Will's wedding with a black eye. Not a happy Grandmother, I'd assume. :D

  9. Kathryn - Princess Anne chose not to give her children any titles when they were born. Crazy huh? Your grandma is the queen but you're just a regular person!? ;)

  10. It looked like a family wedding didn't it? Really happy and relaxed. BUT I didn't like the huge hem on her train I just thought it looked odd in contrast to the rest of her truly lovely dress. Loved her tiara and am planning on stealing it when I go to London ;)

  11. Oooo thanks for posting this clip Thea, it is the best one I've seen of this royal wedding. I was a little bit disappointed with the coverage (or lack there of) on the news programs. I LOVE a wedding and would never get tired of looking at brides and wedding parties... and guests, particularly the famous kind ;o)

  12. This is hilarious...I LIVE in the UK and I had no idea they were getting married the other day!!

    That's just how poor the coverage was!

    (prob not helped by the fact I'm forced to watch Tweenies or Teletubbies on repeat)

  13. Oh how I love a wedding, particularly a royal wedding.
    Being 13th in line to the throne almost makes her unroyal... but anyway.
    So the dress may not have been perfect, and her hair the wrong colour but she (and Mike) looked HAPPY.
    A happy bride is the best bride of all.
    Best of luck to them.

  14. Love her tiara!
    Can you really ever go wrong as a bride so long as you follow you own heart? (Unless you're Jordan or one of those girls from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding).

    See all you have to do is threaten to leave us every now and then and we'll all come running back lol.
    It's a shame the stats on this thing aren't very accurate cos that's what I usually look at.
    I know I'm guilty of not always commenting even though I've read someones post so I don't use comments as an indicator any more although it's much nicer when you get them.
    Glad you didn't leave for too long x

  15. They are so gorgeous, this is the loveliest couple I have ever seen. I wish them luck and health.



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