Monday, August 15, 2011

Master of your own Destiny?

What's life like for you?
Do you take the bull by the to speak?
Or do you let destiny take you wherever it leads??

We're at a point in our lives where we could make changes.
Big changes.
Work changes.
Home changes.
Town changes.

But we're both hesitant...reluctant.
Up until this point...we've not really made any major decisions.
Apart from getting married, we definitely made that decision.
Oh, and when we had the kids, they were very much planned and we made that decision, too.

But everything else has just kind of happened.


I began this post last week.

I was pondering...
if I'd ever get work again...
if we should move...
if we could afford to move...
how I would manage going back to work...

And then suddenly, as is usual for us, I got a phone call last Sunday night.
I was asked to work on Tuesday. My first relief teaching day in almost a year.
And on Wednesday I had another call.
Could I work Thursday and Friday as well? The relief teachers booked for those days were both sick.
So I worked three days in one week. I hadn't done that in over eight years!
And this week I have two days and had to turn another down.

See...things just happen.

Is life like that for you?


  1. I think it's been a bit of both for me. Sometimes I've had to make big decisions - sometimes it has just fallen into place.
    Good luck with going back to work. It's great to hear the opportunities have started to come knocking.

  2. For me, I need to consider very carefully what it is that I want. What kind of life I want. Once I have a clear vision in my head about what is right for me right now and the kind of life I want to lead, things just tend to happen. I take up the opportunities that feel right, that lead me towards my vision and discard the others.

    I try not to think in terms of actions, because if I take action before thinking about what I really want, it tends to backfire...

  3. I wish you luck and everything you need to make the hard decisions.

    We are at a point in our lives where we are making them right now.

    Sometimes thing do just happen and it it works out for GOOD.

  4. That's excellent - with your relief days.
    It's funny how things do just work out the way they're meant to you.
    I stress and plan and overthink and lose sleep - get anxious and then get disappointed.
    For nothing - because it all works out in the end.
    I don't even like the homes I've missed out on. I'm so glad I didn't get some of the jobs I thought I wanted. I'm happy with the man I never thought I would marry!!
    I am slowly learning to pull back and see what life is offering me.

  5. Sometimes things just seem to fall into place, and other times you have fight tooth and nail to make them happen.

    Like you, I haven't had to make too many decisions, or at least, the right decisions have been fairly obvious, like moving to Australia to be with my husband.

  6. Definitely a big believer in signs.
    Although I do still find myself struggling to make things happen that don't seem meant to be...
    I'm happy mostly to drift in the wind though and just see where the breeze will take me. It often turns out better than planned :)
    It sounds to me like life is presenting you with some pretty exciting options. May be it is time for a change?

    Good luck in going with the flow xo

  7. Oh wow Thea! Good on you! That must have been incredibly surreal for you stepping back into the workforce after so long?! I know it was bizarre for me after only 13 months! You should feel so proud of yourself, for being able to roll with the moment. It's sometimes the best way to be. I would have to say I'm 50/50, I take the bull by the horns on some counts, but invariably get swept along on other counts. It's the roller coaster of life as they say :o) xo

  8. Yay for you, I hope you really enjoyed the work days. And all the best with the decision making.

    I tend to let things come to me but I don't think that's always the right way. I often have 'signs' and then don't run with them... Just watch them disappear.

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  10. Yes it is... and no it isn't. For us it's a bit of both.
    We are starting to plan things out a bit more, but life does have a way of going it's own way sometimes, and then, I just go with it!


  11. You need to see life as an adventure and seize opportunities for exploration, that is how we came to move to Italy :)


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