Friday, August 26, 2011

Polly's Kids' Birthdays

Danielle from Danimezza has Polly dressing for her Kids' Birthday this week.

Oh boy, Dani! What are you trying to do to me?!
How did you know my kids' birthdays are only 13 and 17 days away?
Throw Father's Day and our wedding anniversary in and this time of year has my head spinning!
I don't do fancy kid's parties.
It's way too much stress for me.
We've had barbeques, parties in the park and last year my boy invited ALL of the boys in his class.
I'm not doing that again this year.
This year we're having a cousins only party at the family farm.
Low stress, all I have to do is try to organize two special cakes.
The cake themes are pirates and Barbie.
(Polly is much better at decorating birthday cakes than me.)
After the party we're all heading into town for the local country show.

So here's Polly at the very low key family party for her 7 year old boy and her 4 year old baby girl.
And after the party she'll roll down her chinos, pull her boots over the top, throw on her cardi and she's ready for the show.

Kids' Birthday

This fun challenge is the brain child of
Danielle from Danimezza...
Click on the button to play along.

Miss Selfridge long knit cardigan
£42 -

Red Herring sheer shirt
£32 -

Polo Ralph Lauren chino pants
$133 -

ALDO leather boots
$130 -

Dune flat sandals
$71 -

G by Guess gold bangle bracelet
$19 -

Gold jewelry
7.95 AUD -


  1. Oh very nice and all the best with the parties too. I have one coming up to and I'm normally very excited about organising them but this year I want to run and hide. I'm not sure my almost 3 year old will let me.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh I love the dune flat sandals, cute.My girls have a birthday in June one week apart.It can get crazy I know LOL.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for the visit Thea...nice to see you and hope you enjoy following my blog.

  4. I love the top and cardi combo. Also - a birthday party and the show in one day? Thats like every kids dream!

  5. Love the chinos and cute sandals :)

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