Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crazy Season

If, in the next few days, I start speaking like a lunatic, screaming like a banshee, or quietly rocking in the corner this is why.

My calendar for the beginning of September...

1st - Take a deep breath
2nd - Hubba arrives home after 6 nights away bush walking in the wilderness at Carnarvon Gorge
       - My 6 year old boy's movie night at school
3rd - My niece's 4th birthday party (which we can't attend)
      - My 6 year old boy's school friend's birthday party
4th - Father's Day
5th - Buy kids' birthday presents
6th - Work on Dinosaur Presentation with my 6 year old boy for next week
7th - bake Miss3's birthday cakes
8th - Miss 3's 4th birthday
     - My 6 year old boy's school excursion to Brisbane, I'm a parent helper
9th - Buy the party food and cakes
10th - Travel 3 hours to the farm for the kids' birthday party with cousins
        - Go to the Beaudesert Show after the party
11th - Travel 3 hours home
        - bake 30 cupcakes for school
12th - My 6 year old boy's 7th birthday, take cakes to school
13th - Our 9th wedding anniversary, nothing planned at this stage
14th - My 7(!) year old boy's oral presentation on dinosaurs which we need to prepare at home
15th - Exhale...or collapse in a heap on the floor...whichever comes first.
16th - Pick myself up from the floor running because it's only 3 months until the silly season!!
       - AND it's the last day of term
17th - School holidays - woooohoooooooo


  1. Wow! That's crazy busy. Do you want me to do some writing for you lol? Good luck!

  2. With Twitter and wine to keep you sane, you'll get through it! (Glad it's not me though hehe)

  3. Woah! You gonna sleep?!

    Good luck with that...stock up on vino!


  4. Before you know it the 17th of September will be here the days will fly past.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  5. UGH!I was insane once too haha.

  6. I swear, I woke up this morning with *that* headache. It kind of went away(ish). It's back. I'm blaming you and the fact that you just wore me the F out!

    Ditch the kids and get some new ones with birthdays in different months,lol.

  7. Hello, busy birthday season!

    7 and 4?! Time flies!

  8. Okay, I've read your Blog and now I'm officially exhausted. LOL

  9. Ah, look, I don't really want to be the one to point this out, but you've forgotten a very important date on the 18th.

    My birthday.

    Just sayin'. ;) x

  10. Oh Thea, I'm surprised you didn't collapse in a heap after just writing this post! Such a busy month. September is shaping up to be a whirlwind month here too... or maybe every month is like that these days! :o/ xo

  11. #1, and #15 incredibly important!!!


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