Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Are there any famous people or celebrities that creep you out?
For no particular reason??
You just find them creepy.

I have a few that rate very highly on my Creep-o-Meter.
I don't really know why.
I just find them incredibly the point of shuddering when I see them.

Here's my Creep List...

Rod Stewart

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Chrissie Amphlet

Mick Jagger


Tom Jones


Ugghhhh.....*massive shudder*

Who's on your list?


  1. Lost my post......
    Not so much a celebrity as a character - Chuck Sherman from American Pie - uurrgghh!!!
    Most of the list you put up also give me that effect (except RHCP of course :o))

  2. I think there may be a bit of sleaze factor going on with these folk?
    Hmmmm creepy....Nicholas Cage!! Ugh.

  3. I really really dislike Altion Childs.
    I think he'd have bad breath.

    I also can't stand Nicholas Cage which is a shame because my husband loves him.
    Clearly he has bad taste!

  4. Oh yes Altion is definitely one of mine too! For me Tom Cruise is creepy. Also Kyle Sandilands. Uggh x

  5. Bwahahahahaaa!!! So many creeps out there - too many to list though I agree with everyone's suggestions (except RHCP - although Flea does make me want to shudder)

  6. Oh, Oh, all the girls at work lurrrve David Bowie and I find him creepy and weird.

    Also my sister and my cousin love Rod Stewart and although he is very charming and funny in interviews he still kinda squicks me!

  7. What a great post Thea! You make me laugh so much. I actually see what you mean about some of those celebs... but I do actually like some of them too! Massive talent in some of those creeps I must say ;o)
    The one that springs to mind for me is Kevin Bacon... he has played just one too many weirdo type roles in movies for my liking.

  8. hey ,i'm a new blogger asking the same question as you blog title,though in my the celebrity that creeps me out is arnold schwartznegger

  9. Hehehe, yes, they are all creepy... then I went and posted a RHCP song in Sunday Session - clearly need to check GR more frequently. I concur with everyone else - Chuck Sherman, Altion Childs, David Bowie... Ick.


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