Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Passion

As I was walking through the shopping centre with my Miss4(!) today, I couldn't help but smile as I looked in the shop windows. My style of fashion is finally!!
It's mostly feminine, flouncy, frilly & floral.
That's all I wore in the late 80s/early 90s.
I'm so happy I could do a backflip...but I won't, of course!
No more strappy, slinky, skin tight rubbish.
Gawd I hated that style.
It suited practically no body, but everybody wore it anyway.
What is wrong with people??

Anyway, these are the kinds of things that had me singing happy songs (in my head) this morning.
And as I am working full time for the first two weeks of next term, I need to go clothes shopping.
*Insert big grin here*

Fashion Passion


  1. Ah yes, beautiful clothes here Thea, I love them too! To be honest, I am used to being a bit against the grain with my choice of fashion. I have always loved florals, so have been happy to wear them regardless of what's actually 'in' fashion. I used to do the tight clothes, but not anymore! Carrying my two lovely boys took care of that for me ;o) YAY for spending sprees and new Spring/Summer wardrobes. I would love to see your purchases when you do make them :o) xo

  2. Ooh I love those tops, especially the first and last in the top row, gorgeous! Have fun adding to your wardrobe ;)

  3. Oh, so flowery and girly! You will look super fresh with them! Go shopping, girl!

  4. Hooorah!
    I was just saying on Sugar Coat It how much I loved that hippy/boho style back in the 90's. (remember Tencels?)

    So glad to see it's back in style and cant wait to revisit some of it myself. Beautiful examples Thea, thanks xx

  5. So feminine and lovely isn't it?
    Bring on Spring shopping I can't wait. I'd love to know where that top is from its gorgeous!

  6. On the other side of the world we're gearing up for fall and while I love fall clothes I wanted every single thing you pictured! Soft blush and pinks are my favorite colors and I adore longer skirts. Thank you!

  7. VERY rarely will having money match up with the types of clothes you want being in the shops... so go nuts!!

  8. Loving most of these clothes, sad that the one I like the most is $265 (floral rosey top).


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