Friday, September 16, 2011


I've never been a red meat lover.
I eat it, but I do not love it.
And I do not even like it if it's on the bone.
I cannot stand eating red meat with a bone attached.
I want to eat my food, not play with it.
And I always end up wrangling the bone/meat/meat/bone until I have food all over the table.
I don't want to pick it up with my fingers.
I like my knife and fork.
They're there for a stop my fingers getting all messy and greasy.
I'll eat meat, if I must.
But please make mine boneless.


  1. I can't stand handling meat.
    Especially raw.
    I'm not vegetarian, but meat makes me squirm.
    Well done, all the way. none of this searing rubbish.
    I'm not cut out to be no butcher's wife, cutting off their tails with that carving knife!!

  2. I can;t eat any red meat at all! It really meakes me hurl iv'e been like that for the last 10 years I use to love it & one day i ate some chops and i was put in hospital from it i was vomiting and coughing for 24 hrs? To this day the smell of it makes me run far away!

  3. I cant stand it either when making it and its raw OH MY.Seriously I think thats why I dont eat much meat.Im not a vegetarian but I eat maybe some chicken.I eat lots of fish,tuna etc.

  4. Oh Thea, I am SO with you on this note. I CANNOT STAND working with meat. I hardly eat any red meat at all, it has to be mince meat, otherwise I won't touch it. However, I have an extremely carnivorous hubby, so all for the love of it, I do cook him meaty dishes regularly. But sometimes I'll admit, it does make me gag handling the meat. I've actually taken up wearing latex disposable gloves in recent years. That way there is no contact to the skin. Oh lord, I really sound like I have issues ;o) xo

  5. After watching videos like Meet your Meat on Youtube and Food Inc I find myself struggling with the concept of eating commercially produced meat and especially fast food.
    Chicken breast in particular makes me squeemish to touch and I hate having to blend mince meat into patties for instance.
    I wish I could be vegetarian but I have to admit I'm far too lazy to ever stick to it, isn't that terrible?

  6. Oh Thea! This picture was very confronting indeed. I don't like to think about it too much which probably sums up my feeling about red meat. I think I'd be a demi veg if my husband wasn't such a carnivore!


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