Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Right....I finally have it all straight...I think.
It took an email to my mothers' group to get my thoughts in order.
And because this is the place that I like to over share...
And in cause you were wondering what the hell my previous post meant...
This explains it.

The email to my friends (names have been changed or removed to protect...everyone).

Hi Girls,

So glad to hear everything went well for B today, M.
J, I can't believe you need to go on any diet!! You look fabulous. But I'm dying to hear about the Celebrity Slim thingy...maybe I should do that!
S, I hope you're not stressing about quitting and just enjoying your new job (that you've been doing for 7+ years already!!)

I swear this Thursday is doing my head in.
Firstly it's Miss3's birthday.
Secondly, my 6 year old's year level has an excursion on that day to FRICKEN Brisbane!!!
They have to be at school at 7:45 and don't get back until 3:45.
I don't know about you, but I think that's way too long and too far for a Year 1 excursion.
Originally I said I'd go as a helper (they had places for 32!!!! parents).
But then Hubba said he couldn't get time off because he'd just had time off for his walk.
So I told my boy's teacher.....THEN we realized Hubba is actually still on holidays this week!!

Keeping up? I'm already lost!

Then I got a call to work that day so said I would.
THEN my 6 year old boy had a freak out and said he couldn't travel that far on a bus without having to go to the toilet!!!!
I know he can, but when he gets something in his know!

So....he's not going.

That means he's staying home with Hubba (who's still on holidays) and Miss3 (on her birthday) and I'm going to work.

BUT...we'll be at the park after school!!

I think I'll curl up in a ball and die right now! LOL

PS...I'm only half way through the crazy season. We're going to the farm for the double birthday party this weekend & the Beaudesert Show. My 6 year old boy's birthday is Monday...I'm working Tuesday and Thursday. Our wedding anniversary is Tuesday. Thank God school holidays are just around the corner.   Stiff drink please!!!

But I'm still not convinced I've made the right decision.
My boy said this afternoon that he does want to go...he just "can't".
And even though I know he can, I'm not sure this battle is worth the fight.
Is this a case of I've-made-the-decision-now-stick-to-it?
Probably, but I'm not very good at that.

Are you?


  1. I'll probably get shouted down. But if it were me?

    Bearing in mind, I may be too indulgent as I have to deal with autism.

    But. I think little ones do have a rough time, (some of them) holding it that long. I know that Alexander would struggle. (How long is it to here?)

    If it were me, and at all possible, I would consider driving him down myself. So he can still join in, but not be stressed about the trip (and nerves can make some kids worse anyway and then he really *will* need to pee).

    But. Like I said. I'm told I'm too gentle/soft/indulgent. So feel free to think I'm an idiot and dismiss this. I promise not to be offended.

  2. Right. glad that's 'sorted' then!!
    Crazy indeed.

  3. do what is right for you all..... Brisbane isnt going anywhere and he made the call, you just backed it up good choice x happy birthdays and anniversary lots of love and cake..and stiff drinks too x

  4. So much happening for you, no advice on the excursion, I know you'll make the right decision for your little man. Stay strong xx

  5. Busy!!!

    I'm not sure what to do either about the excursion, but I'd go with your gut.

    Happy anniversary for next week!! Is it next week? Now I'm confused. ;) xxx

  6. Celebrity Slim is awesome. I'm on it at the moment. xx


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