Sunday, September 11, 2011


So, just in case you've been holding your breath, wondering how I'm surviving my CRAZY SEASON!!

Here's a little update....

Miss 4(!!)'s birthday last Thursday...


The party at the farm yesterday...


The show last night...


Preparations for our 6 year old boy's 7th birthday tomorrow...


Just the actual birthday and the wedding anniversary to go.....

And can I just say...
I'm a wee bit weary of baking and decorating cakes!!


  1. Wow...busy lady! Happy birthday to your munchkins, and happy wedding anniversary. It's my son's birthday later this week, on the same day as my niece. Must send that present off. My middle daughter has been to a couple of birthday party's already this month. September is a popular for birthdays it seems!

  2. Hee hee.
    Thinking September is crazy birthday season thanks to "Christmas cheer" babies!!
    I have one too.
    Well done - you are doing great.
    Fabulous cake work.

  3. Oh what a lovely post Thea! LOVE the photos, your Miss 4 and Mr 6 (going on 7) are so beautiful :o)
    You have done a top job of checking off those to do's, not many to go, you'll make it Thea!
    Enjoy your anniversary and the big 7th birthday bash.
    And yes, the baking can become a tad old when you're doing it as often as you have been... but great looking cakes by the way xo

  4. Yeah but no but.... Aren't you a little breathless from balloon inflation ?
    Your skills as mum & b'day cake decorater are to be admired!

  5. Oh so nice.Now breathe in and out slowly for all the rest LOL.

  6. Good evening from Italy, just catching up on your crazy season which you seem to be surviving Thea.
    Happy Celebrations to you all for Birthdays and Anniversary.

  7. Nice. Looks like you may need a good rest and a great book with your feet up very soon.

    Life can be grand and it also can be very exhausting-no matter the age of your children. So hop on and go for the ride because...oh-time-fly's I found while having those moments of memories.

    Passes you a cup of hot tea~

  8. those are some great looking cakes! :)

  9. Looks like everyone's having lots of fun!

    How grown up does Miss 4 look?!

    And a big happy birthday to Mr 7!!

  10. You're creating some beautiful memories for your little ones and your cakes look fantastic. My crazy season starts late next month and doesn't stop until late January, I think I'll go with "less is more" this year hehehe
    Nearly done hun xx

  11. Wow Thea. I'm impressed...and feeling a little inadequate! Lol!

    I have a lot of bake-envy ;o)

  12. Oooh wow! All this and you manage to tweet sometimes too? Impressed: me.

    That Barbie cake, oh my stars, that's a good one! Love your fireworks photo too. Ace post!


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