Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Tomorrow is my birthday.
And yes, I am telling you this as a shameless attempt to get as much attention on my birthday as possible!
It's the Scorpio in me, when it's my birthday, I want the world to know.

And as I will be 43 tomorrow,
I thought I'd make a list of 43 things I'd love for my birthday.
(I hope I can think of that many, damn I'm getting old!)

1. A hot air balloon ride
2. A week at a tropical resort
3. Lose 10kgs!!
4. A mansion, I'm talking a massive one

5. A maid
6. A chef
7. Diamond jewellery
8. A baby grand piano

9. A cure for rheumatoid arthritis
10. A pain free existence
11. Dinner at a fancy pants restaurant
12. A big party with all my friends and family
13. A cruise
14. A month in Italy
15. An African Safari

16. Or a visit to Africa at Australia Zoo at least 
17. A weekend in Brisbane
18. A weekend in Paris

19. Tickets to a Kylie concert
20. Opal jewellery
21. Gym membership
22. A new sewing machine 
23. A pink Suzuki Swift or Nissan Micra...they are too cute!
24. A pamper session at the hair salon
25. A sewing studio
26. Enough space to put everything
27. A secret garden

28. A tour of UK castles
29. A trip to the pyramids in Egypt
30. A month in Ireland
31. A water view
32. A library with floor to ceiling bookshelves

33. Afternoon tea with the Queen
34. A day at the races
35. A week in the snow, but not skiing
36. A holiday in Tasmania

37. A whole day of alone time
38. A new wardrobe chosen with help from a stylist
39. A 'forever' home
40. A personal Christmas present shopper
41. A weekend away with my husband
42. Health and happiness for my family
Oh, and 43. World peace...see I could totally be Miss Universe...or should that be, Mrs Universe!

Wow, that's an awesome list!
Now, where's the birthday fairy to make all those wishes come true?!

I like the sound of doesn't have a 0 on the end!
It's those "0" birthdays that get me, they're very nasty.


  1. Fantastic list, I'm sure some of them will come true for you, and some of them you will make happen for yourself.
    Happy Birthday if I don't see you around tomorrow (I have a busy birthday kindy day).

  2. Enjoy the 43..I'm coming up on the 6 and the zero at the end.....but still good!

  3. Great list :)
    Happy Birthday in advance and more blessings to come!

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Thea. I hope you have a wonderful day

  5. Happy, happy birthday.
    I wish you at least one of your list.

  6. Happy birthday, i wish you all your 43 wishes to come true and next year I will be expecting the new 44 - list! :)

  7. It's premature, but just in case the birthday fairy makes all those wishes come true and you suddenly have no time for blogging tomorrow - Happy Birthday!!!

    Wishing that at least some of those wishes are on their way to coming true for you xx

  8. Happy birthday for tomorrow! 43 wonderful items/things.

    0 birthdays, huh!? I'm hurtling towards one myself in 2013. but I'm EXCITED! Maybe because it's my first since 20. ;)

  9. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Thea, hip hip hooray! Though I would like an update on just how many of the wishes on your list come true... maybe a follow up post please :o) xo

  10. Thanks everyone!!
    I'm 43 now and I feel fine. ;)


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