Saturday, October 8, 2011

The 52 Week Project

I feel like I need to join in a linky party on Saturdays.
So I put the call out on Twitter this morning to find one.
@mymummydaze told me about her linky "The 52 Week Project".

She says...

No, this isn’t a diet or exercise regime. It’s not a responsible financial system or an abstinence program. It’s not even a relationship-building sex challenge (although that does sound fun). Although I’m sure I could benefit from all of these year-long challenges, this is much simpler with no great philosophy or life-changing aims underpinning it. It’s a weekly photography self-portrait challenge.

It looks good, so I'm doing it!

This is my sad eye, the morning after a girls' night out (yes, I never take my make-up off, I know I'm bad).
I won't bore you with tedious details of why it is a sad little eye.
I'll just say there has been disharmony in the house and that always makes me feel like my world has crumbled.

You don't need to worry, it's quite normal.
It's the nature of my roller-coaster life.
It comes with being too sensitive.

I'll be fine, I'll get over it.

But today I don't want to be anybody's anything.
Not wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher.
I just want to be me.
I want to be left all alone to cry in peace.

I'm linking this post with My Mummy Daze.

And click on the button to join in.


  1. So what's the point of the 52 week project?

  2. Awww I've missed you this week, what with you being a working gal and all. I hope those eyes are little happier this evening xx

  3. I hope your weekend improves, it's ok to just want to be you sometimes!

  4. Oh sweet Thea. So sorry to hear you've been sad today. It's a lovely eye, even if it is sad though. Hope you were able to spend some time alone with your own thoughts xo

  5. Welcome to the 52 week project.
    Great shot!
    I hope you're feeling happier as the weekend whizzes by.

  6. Yay, so glad you're linking up.. but sorry to hear you had a sooky day, especially after a girls night out. I hope you're feeling brighter today x

  7. Girls night out are aways so enjoyable!I often miss taking off my make up too. I know it's a bad habit.

  8. love the photo. Sorry you were so sad after your girls night out. hopefully you got to be just you for the day x


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